Jesus Christ and the Everlasting Gospel Teacher Manual

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 Jesus Christ and the Everlasting Gospel Teacher Manual 
 Introduction to the Jesus Christ and the Everlasting Gospel Teacher Manual (Religion 250) 
Lesson 1Jesus Is the Living Christ 
Lesson 2Jesus Christ Is Central to All Human History 
Lesson 3Jehovah and His Premortal Ministry 
Lesson 4Jehovah Created the Earth 
Lesson 5Jesus Christ Was Jehovah of the Old Testament 
Lesson 6Types, Shadows, and Symbols of Jesus the Christ 
Lesson 7Jesus Christ—God’s Only Begotten Son in the Flesh 
Lesson 8Jesus Christ Fulfilled All Righteousness 
Lesson 9The Savior’s Profound Influence 
Lesson 10Come, Follow Me 
Lesson 11Jesus Christ Went About Doing Good 
Lesson 12Miracles on the Roads of Palestine 
Lesson 13Jesus Christ Called Twelve Apostles 
Lesson 14Jesus Christ Is the Messiah 
Lesson 15Jesus Christ Instituted the Sacrament 
Lesson 16The Savior Atoned for the Sins of All Mankind 
Lesson 17The Savior Suffered and Died on Calvary’s Cross 
Lesson 18The Savior Ministered in the Spirit World 
Lesson 19He Is Risen 
Lesson 20The Savior Ministered to His “Other Sheep” 
Lesson 21Jesus Christ Organized His Church 
Lesson 22The Father and the Son Appeared to Joseph Smith 
Lesson 23The Savior Restored His Priesthood, Church, and Gospel 
Lesson 24He Lives! 
Lesson 25Jesus Christ Will One Day Return 
Lesson 26Jesus Christ Will Rule as King of Kings and Judge the World 
Lesson 27Jesus Christ Is the Light, Life, and Hope of the World 
Lesson 28A Personal Witness of Jesus Christ