Jesus the Christ

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Chapter 1Introduction1–5
Chapter 2Preexistence and Foreordination of the Christ6–16
Chapter 3The Need of a Redeemer17–31
Chapter 4The Antemortal Godship of Christ32–41
Chapter 5Earthly Advent of the Christ Predicted42–56
Chapter 6The Meridian of Time57–74
Chapter 7Gabriel’s Annunciation of John and of Jesus75–90
Chapter 8The Babe of Bethlehem91–109
Chapter 9The Boy of Nazareth110–120
Chapter 10In the Wilderness of Judea121–137
Chapter 11From Judea to Galilee138–152
Chapter 12Early Incidents in Our Lord’s Public Ministry153–171
Chapter 13Honored by Strangers, Rejected by His Own172–187
Chapter 14Continuation of Our Lord’s Ministry in Galilee188–202
Chapter 15Lord of the Sabbath203–216
Chapter 16The Chosen Twelve217–229
Chapter 17The Sermon on the Mount230–248
Chapter 18As One Having Authority249–280
Chapter 19“He Spake Many Things unto Them in Parables”281–304
Chapter 20“Peace, Be Still”305–326
Chapter 21The Apostolic Mission, and Events Related Thereto327–348
Chapter 22A Period of Darkening Opposition349–369
Chapter 23The Transfiguration370–377
Chapter 24From Sunshine to Shadow378–397
Chapter 25Jesus Again in Jerusalem398–422
Chapter 26Our Lord’s Ministry in Perea and Judea423–448
Chapter 27Continuation of the Perean and Judean Ministry449–486
Chapter 28The Last Winter487–501
Chapter 29On to Jerusalem502–523
Chapter 30Jesus Returns to the Temple Daily524–543
Chapter 31The Close of Our Lord’s Public Ministry544–568
Chapter 32Further Instruction to the Apostles569–590
Chapter 33The Last Supper and the Betrayal591–620
Chapter 34The Trial and Condemnation621–651
Chapter 35Death and Burial652–669
Chapter 36In the Realm of Disembodied Spirits670–677
Chapter 37The Resurrection and the Ascension678–699
Chapter 38The Apostolic Ministry700–720
Chapter 39Ministry of the Resurrected Christ on the Western Hemisphere721–744
Chapter 40The Long Night of Apostasy745–757
Chapter 41Personal Manifestations of God the Eternal Father and of His Son Jesus Christ in Modern Times758–779
Chapter 42Jesus the Christ to Return780–793