Latter-day Saint History: 1815–1846 Teacher Material

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Title Page 
IntroductionIntroduction to Latter-day Saint History: 1815–1846 Teacher Material (Religion 341) 
TimelineGeneral Timeline of Church History Events: 1805–1846 
Lesson 1Lesson 1: Prelude to the Restoration 
Lesson 2Lesson 2: Joseph Smith’s First Vision 
Lesson 3Lesson 3: Obtaining the Record 
Lesson 4Lesson 4: Translating the Book of Mormon 
Lesson 5Lesson 5: Restoration of the Priesthood and Witnesses of the Book of Mormon 
Lesson 6Lesson 6: Publishing the Book of Mormon and Organizing the Church 
Lesson 7Lesson 7: Gathering to Ohio 
Lesson 8Lesson 8: The Place for the City of Zion 
Lesson 9Lesson 9: Revelations and Persecutions in Ohio 
Lesson 10Lesson 10: Joseph Smith Travels between Ohio and Missouri, Continues Translating the Bible, and Moves to Kirtland 
Lesson 11Lesson 11: Persecution in Jackson County 
Lesson 12Lesson 12: The Camp of Israel 
Lesson 13Lesson 13: The Kirtland Temple 
Lesson 14Lesson 14: Apostasy in Kirtland 
Lesson 15Lesson 15: The First Mission to Great Britain 
Lesson 16Lesson 16: The Saints Gather in Northern Missouri 
Lesson 17Lesson 17: Increasing Conflict in Missouri 
Lesson 18Lesson 18: The Expulsion of the Saints from Missouri 
Lesson 19Lesson 19: Experiences in Liberty Jail and Far West 
Lesson 20Lesson 20: Nauvoo the Beautiful 
Lesson 21Lesson 21: Joseph Smith Practices Plural Marriage in Nauvoo, and British Converts Gather with the Saints in America 
Lesson 22Lesson 22: Joseph Smith Organizes the Relief Society and Administers the Temple Endowment 
Lesson 23Lesson 23: The Wentworth Letter, the Book of Abraham, and Increasing Opposition in Illinois 
Lesson 24Lesson 24: Doctrinal Developments in Nauvoo 
Lesson 25Lesson 25: Joseph Smith Confers the Keys of the Kingdom on Members of the Twelve and Delivers the King Follett Discourse 
Lesson 26Lesson 26: The Martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum Smith 
Lesson 27Lesson 27: The Quorum of the Twelve Apostles Is Sustained to Lead the Church 
Lesson 28Lesson 28: The Saints Complete the Nauvoo Temple, and Many Saints Are Endowed and Sealed