New Testament Seminary Teacher Manual, 2016

fig tree(click to view larger)

Fig tree (see Matthew 21:18–22)

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Jesus teaching(click to view larger)

Jesus teaches in the temple (see Matthew 21:23–23:39)

Jesus forgives and heals(click to view larger)

Jesus forgives and heals the man lowered through the roof (see Mark 2:1–12 and Luke 5:17–26)

Mary and Elizabeth(click to view larger)

Mary and Elizabeth (see Luke 1)

Jesus Christ(click to view larger)

Jesus declares He is the Messiah (see Luke 4)

Pilate speaking(click to view larger)

Pilate acknowledges that Jesus is innocent (see John 18–19)

Paul writing(click to view larger)

Paul writes epistles (see 2 Timothy 1–2)

Christ with seven candlesticks(click to view larger)

Jesus Christ watches over and cares for His faithful followers (see Revelation 1:12–16)

woman and dragon(click to view larger)

John’s vision of the woman and the dragon (see Revelation 12)