Chapter 48: The Talents

New Testament Stories, (2005), 121–23

Parable of the talents

Jesus told His disciples a story about a man who gave his servants some talents. A talent was a large amount of money.

3 men given different amounts

The man gave one servant five talents. He gave another servant two talents. He gave a third servant one talent. Then the man went on a journey.

Man with 5 talents

The servant with five talents worked hard. He earned five more talents. He now had ten talents.

Man with 2 talents

The servant with two talents also worked hard. He earned two more talents. He now had four talents.

Man with 1 talent

The servant with one talent buried it in the ground. He was afraid he would lose it. He did not work to earn any more talents.

3 men questioned

When the man came back, he asked the servants what they had done with his talents.

Man with 5 made 5 more

The first servant brought him ten talents. The man was happy. He made the servant a leader over many things and told him to be joyful.

Man with 2 made 2 more

The second servant brought the man four talents. This also made the man happy. He made the second servant a leader over many things and told him to be joyful.

Man with 1 made no more

The third servant gave the man back the talent he had buried. The man was not happy. He said the servant was lazy. He should have worked hard to earn more talents.

The 1 talent was taken from him

The man took the talent from the third servant and gave it to the first servant. Then he sent the lazy servant away. The man in the story is like Jesus. We are like the servants. Jesus will judge how we each use the gifts we have been given.