Chapter 61: Paul and Silas in Prison

New Testament Stories, (2005), 158–60

A girl with an evil spirit

A girl had an evil spirit in her. People liked to hear what the evil spirit said through her. They paid the men she worked for to hear the evil spirit speak.

Paul commands evil spirit to leave her

Whenever Paul and Silas walked by, the girl followed them. As she did, the evil spirit spoke. One day Paul commanded the evil spirit to leave her. It did. The men she worked for were angry. Now they could not make money.

Men were angry with Paul

The men took Paul and Silas to the leaders of their city. They said that Paul and Silas had been causing trouble.

Paul and Silas whipped and imprisoned

The leaders had Paul and Silas whipped and put in prison.

Paul and Silas cause prison doors to open

That night Paul and Silas prayed and sang hymns to Heavenly Father. Everyone in the prison heard them. Suddenly the ground began to shake. The prison doors opened.

The guard asks how he can be saved

The guard woke up and saw the open doors. He thought the prisoners had escaped. Paul told the guard not to worry. The prisoners were all still there. The guard knelt by Paul and Silas and asked how he could be saved.

The guard and his family were baptized

Paul and Silas taught the guard and his family the gospel. That night the guard and his family were baptized.

Paul and Silas are set free

The next day the city leaders set Paul and Silas free. Paul and Silas went to another city to do more missionary work.