New Testament Stories

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IntroductionOur Heavenly Father’s Plan1–5
Chapter 1Elisabeth and Zacharias6–7
Chapter 2Mary and the Angel8–9
Chapter 3John the Baptist Is Born10–11
Chapter 4Joseph and the Angel12
Chapter 5Jesus Christ Is Born13–15
Chapter 6Presentation at the Temple16–17
Chapter 7The Wise Men18
Chapter 8 Wicked King Herod19–20
Chapter 9The Boy Jesus21–25
Chapter 10Jesus Is Baptized26–29
Chapter 11Jesus Is Tempted30–31
Chapter 12The Wedding in Cana32–33
Chapter 13Jesus and His Heavenly Father’s House34–35
Chapter 14Nicodemus36–37
Chapter 15The Woman at the Well38–39
Chapter 16The Leader’s Son40–41
Chapter 17Angry People in Nazareth42–43
Chapter 18Jesus Chooses His Apostles44–47
Chapter 19The Sermon on the Mount48–50
Chapter 20Jesus Teaches about Prayer51–52
Chapter 21Jesus Commands the Winds and the Waves53
Chapter 22The Man with the Evil Spirits54–56
Chapter 23The Man Who Could Not Walk57–58
Chapter 24Jairus’s Daughter Is Raised from the Dead59–61
Chapter 25A Woman Touches Jesus’s Clothes62–63
Chapter 26Jesus Forgives a Woman64–66
Chapter 27Doing His Father’s Work on Earth67–68
Chapter 28Jesus Feeds 5,000 People69–70
Chapter 29Jesus Walks on the Water71–72
Chapter 30The Bread of Life73–74
Chapter 31Jesus Heals a Deaf Man75
Chapter 32Peter Testifies of Christ76–77
Chapter 33Appearing in Glory: The Transfiguration78–79
Chapter 34The Boy with an Evil Spirit80–81
Chapter 35The Good Samaritan82–84
Chapter 36Jesus Tells Three Parables85–94
Chapter 37The Ten Lepers95–96
Chapter 38The Pharisee and the Publican97–99
Chapter 39Jesus Heals a Blind Man100–101
Chapter 40The Good Shepherd102–3
Chapter 41Jesus Blesses the Children104
Chapter 42The Rich Young Man105–6
Chapter 43Jesus Brings Lazarus Back to Life107–9
Chapter 44The Savior Goes to Jerusalem110–12
Chapter 45The Widow’s Mites113–14
Chapter 46The Second Coming115–17
Chapter 47The Ten Virgins118–20
Chapter 48The Talents121–23
Chapter 49The First Sacrament124–26
Chapter 50Other Teachings at the Last Supper127–28
Chapter 51Jesus Suffers in the Garden of Gethsemane129–32
Chapter 52The Trials of Jesus133–35
Chapter 53Jesus Is Crucified136–38
Chapter 54Jesus Is Risen139–44
Chapter 55The Apostles Lead the Church145–47
Chapter 56Peter Heals a Man148–49
Chapter 57Wicked Men Kill Stephen150–51
Chapter 58Simon and the Priesthood152–53
Chapter 59Saul Learns about Jesus154–55
Chapter 60Peter Brings Tabitha Back to Life156–57
Chapter 61Paul and Silas in Prison158–60
Chapter 62Paul Obeys the Holy Ghost161
Chapter 63Paul Finishes His Mission162–66
 After the New Testament167–70
 Words to Know171–75
 Places to Know176–77
 Other Places to Know178
 People to Know179
 Photographs of the Holy Land180–83
 New Testament Time Line184–85