Romans 2: God Shall Reward Each of Us According to Our Works

New Testament: Student Study guide, (2003), 112

Have you ever criticized someone for doing something wrong and later caught yourself doing the same thing? That was a common fault among Church members in Paul’s day. Notice Paul’s teachings on the difference between the way we often judge and the way God judges.
Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ, the Righteous Judge

Understanding the Scriptures

Romans 2

Impenitent (v. 5)Unrepentant 
Indignation and wrath (v. 8)Fury and anger 

Romans 2:14–29—“For He Is Not a Jew, Which Is One Outwardly”

Paul taught the Jewish Christians that having the outward signs of righteousness (such as circumcision) meant nothing if a spirit of faith and obedience did not dwell in them. The same is true today. Outward signs of righteousness (such as Church attendance) are not enough. A spirit of faith, love, and obedience must also dwell in our hearts.

Studying the Scriptures

Do the following activity as you study Romans 2.

Activity A iconIn Your Own Words

As you consider what Paul taught about judging others and about the Lord judging each of us, read Romans 2:1–2, 5–11 and write the main ideas.