The First Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Thessalonians

New Testament: Student Study guide, (2003), 140–141

Why Did Paul Write This Letter to the Thessalonians?

Early in his second missionary journey, Paul proclaimed the gospel in the city of Thessalonica (see Bible map 13). His message was greeted with great enthusiasm by many people. However, some unbelieving Jews stirred up violent opposition to Paul’s preaching, so he left the city to spare the new converts further persecution (see Acts 17:1–10; see also the information on the epistles to the Thessalonians in Bible Dictionary, “Pauline Epistles,” p. 743).

Paul sent Timothy to minister to the new members of the Church in Thessalonica. This epistle from Paul encouraged the Thessalonian Saints to live worthy lives and keep in mind that the Savior would come to judge everyone. Timothy later joined Paul in Corinth and reported on the condition of the Thessalonians.