Matthew 7: The Sermon on the Mount, Part 3

New Testament: Student Study guide, (2003), 16

A hungry person might think about food, talk about food, or even look at pictures of food, but it will do the person no good unless he or she eats the food. In this final chapter of the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus gave some additional teachings and then emphasized that the blessings of His teachings come not just in believing, studying, or talking about them, but in living them.

Understanding the Scriptures

Matthew 7

What measure ye mete (v. 2)The way you measure (or judge) things 
Rend (v. 6)Tear or rip 
This is the law and the prophets (v. 12)This is what the scriptures teach (basically the Old Testament) 
Strait (vv. 13–14)Narrow 
Ravening (v. 15)Fierce, hungry 
Profess (v. 23)Say 
Work iniquity (v. 23)Do evil things 
Liken (vv. 24, 26)Compare 
Founded (v. 25)Built 
Astonished (v. 28)Surprised 

Studying the Scriptures

Do three of the following activities (A–E) as you study Matthew 7.

Activity A iconJudging

  1. 1.

    After reading Matthew 7:1–5, summarize in your notebook Jesus’ teachings by completing in your own words the following sentences:

    1. a.

      As you judge others so will God …

    2. b.

      Before you criticize others you should …

  2. 2.

    We can clearly see in Matthew 7:1 what we should not do. Read the Joseph Smith Translation for this verse and write what we should do. Explain how you think we can do this (see Matthew 7:15–20 and Moroni 7:12–19 for additional help).

Activity B iconWhat Difference Does It Make?

  1. 1.

    What difference should it make in your prayers to know what Jesus taught in Matthew 7:7–11?

  2. 2.

    What additional information about asking God for blessings is found in 3 Nephi 18:20; Doctrine and Covenants 50:28–29; and 88:64–65?

Activity C iconDraw a Picture

Draw a picture that represents the ideas found in Matthew 7:13–14. Label the parts of your picture.

Activity D iconAn Important Conclusion

house built on a rock

The wise man builds upon the rock.

  1. 1.

    The discussions of trees, entering the kingdom, and building houses in Matthew 7:16–27 all have one major idea or theme. What is it?

  2. 2.

    How does the story in Matthew 7:24–27 help you better understand what is meant in Helaman 5:12?

  3. 3.

    In the story of the wise and foolish house builders the storm “beat upon” both houses, but only one remained standing afterward. Write about how living the gospel has helped you in a “storm” of life.

Activity E iconWhat Does This Mean for Me?

Write about at least two areas you want to improve in your life as you strive to follow Jesus Christ because of what you studied in the Sermon on the Mount.