Events in the Life of Peter

“Events in the Life of Peter,” New Testament Teacher Resource Manual (2002), 294

  1. Acts 2:14–40

  1. Peter is arrested, is saved by and angel, returns to preach in the temple, and is arrested again

  1. Acts 3:1–11

  1. Jewish leaders ask Peter to discontinue preaching; Peter boldly testifies of Jesus Christ.

  1. Acts 3:12–26

  1. Peter sees a vision of clean and unclean animals, which leads to the gospel being taken to all the world.

  1. Acts 4:1–22

  1. Peter heals a lame man at the gates of the temple.

  1. Acts 5:17–42

  1. Peter confronts a couple about breaking their covenant of consecration, both the man and the woman die.

  1. Acts 5:12–16

  1. Peter and John go to Samaria to give the gift of the Holy Ghost; Peter rebukes Simon for wanting to purchase priesthood power.

  1. Acts 5:17–42

  1. On the day of Pentecost, Peter delivers his first recorded public discourse.

  1. Acts 8:14–25

  1. Peter heals Aeneas and raises Dorcas from the dead.

  1. Acts 9:32–41

  1. Peter delivers his second recorded discourse, calling the Jewish leaders to repent and believe in Jesus Christ whom they had killed.

  1. Acts 10

  1. Peter’s power is so well respected that people flock to fall under his shadow and be healed.