The Last Day of Christ’s Life

“The Last Day of Christ’s Life,” New Testament Teacher Resource Manual (2002), 292

last day of Christ’s life last day of Christ’s life

Third Hour (9 a.m.)

Sixth Hour (noon)

Ninth Hour (3 p.m.)

(1) Jesus before Sanhedrin

(2) Pilate

(3) Herod

(4) Jesus before Pilate again

Jesus on trial

(5) Simon carries Jesus’ cross

(6) Placed on cross

(7) Jesus is mocked, taunted, ridiculed, and scorned as He hangs on the cross

(8) Darkness

(9) Seven last statements

(10) Approximate time of death

(11) Earthquake; veil of temple torn in two

Jesus’ body still on cross

(12) Thieves’ legs broken and Jesus’ side pierced

(13) Burial

Sunrise (6 a.m.)

Sunset (6 p.m.)