Where the Emphasis Is

“Where the Emphasis Is,” New Testament Teacher Resource Manual (2002), 298–99

where the emphasis is

The Book of Revelation

Adapted from Gerald N. Lund, “The Book of Revelation—Three Keys for Making It a Book of Revelation,” in A Symposium on the New Testament (1980), 120.

where the emphasis is

Events before the Fall

First Seal

Second Seal

Third Seal

Fourth Seal

Fifth Seal

Sixth Seal

Seventh Seal

Earth Becomes Celestial Kingdom

5 verses:

The War in heaven (12:7-12)

11 verses:

First through fifth seals (6:1-11)

14 verses:

Sixth seal (6:12-7:8)

211 verses:

From the opening of the seventh seal to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ (chapters 8-19)

6 verses:

Final scenes (20:7-15)

33 verses:

Celestial earth (21:1-22:6)