Chapter 10: John 21

New Testament Video Guide, (2001), 10–11


To help students put the Lord first in their lives.

Before the Video

Scripture Activity

Have students read John 21:1–15, and ask them the following questions:

  • Why did Peter and the other disciples go fishing? (see v. 3).

  • How many times did Jesus visit the disciples after His Resurrection? (see v. 14).

  • What do you think was the purpose of Jesus’ visit to His disciples on this occasion?

  • How do you think Peter felt when Jesus asked him, “Lovest thou me more than these?” (see v. 15).

Using the Video

“Feed My Sheep” 13:04

“Look For” Activity

Suggest that as the students watch segment 1 they think about what their decision would be if they were in Davy’s place and why.

Show Segment 1

Segment 1 (3:58) is a story about a young man who wrestles with a decision whether to accept an invitation to participate in a national track meet. His commitment would require him to participate on Sunday and conflict with his church attendance and assignments as well as keeping the Sabbath day holy.


Discuss how Davy’s conflict is an example of “Lovest thou me more than these?” (John 21:15) and why. Write the following on the board, along with any other choices the students might have:

“Lovest Thou Me . . .

More Than These?”

(possible responses)

Go home teaching

“I’m too busy with sports and homework.”

Fulfill Church callings

“I’m in school debate.”

Do baptisms for the dead

“I have to practice at that time.”

Do service projects

“I have to work.”

Serve a mission

“I’ll lose my scholarship.”

Read the scriptures . . .

“I have too much homework.”

Ask students if the activities in the “More Than These” column are negative or bad. When might they become a problem?

Scripture Activity

Read John 21:16–17 with your students and ask why they think Jesus asked Peter the question “Lovest thou me?” three times. How did Peter feel? (see v. 17). How did he answer Jesus each time? Discuss how our love for Jesus influences our choices?

“Look For” Activity

Have students look for ways the situations in segments 2–5 illustrate Jesus’ instructions to feed His lambs.

Show Segments 2–5

Segments 2–5 (9:06), each based on a true incident, illustrate how young people can apply the Savior’s request to feed His lambs and sheep.

Note: You may wish to show and discuss each segment individually.

After the Video


Tell students that when Jesus said “Feed my lambs,” He wanted us to nurture and nourish Heavenly Father’s children. Discuss how each segment illustrates the expression “Feed my lambs.” Discuss other ways we can feed His sheep. The following questions might be helpful:

Segment 2 (1:19)

Is it necessary to have an assignment before we should show care and concern for others? What are some ways Val might have helped Jason Cravetz?

Segment 3 (2:19)

Why did Michelle give Angie Clawson a copy of the Book of Mormon as a birthday gift? What are some ways we can share the gospel with our friends?

Segment 4 (3:56)

What are the risks when we try to correct the behavior of other people? Why did Ryan accept Dan’s observations?

Segment 5 (1:32)

Why does it seem difficult to be kind to individuals like Vernon? How might Vernon have felt?


If we love the Lord we should feed His sheep.