Chapter 12: Acts 21–28

New Testament Video Guide, (2001), 12–13


To help students understand how the Lord prepared Paul to bear witness of Him throughout the world.

Before the Video

Scripture search

Have students read Acts 9:6 and find out what the Lord told Saul to do. What did the Lord tell Ananias His purpose was in calling Saul to the ministry? (see Acts 9:15–16).

As a class or in groups, search Acts 18; 21–22; 26 for the following information about Saul: his occupation (Acts 18:3), his ability with languages (Acts 21:37–40), his birthplace (Acts 21:39), his teacher (Acts 22:3), his citizenship (Acts 22:25–29), and his religious training (Acts 26:4–5). Ask students how they think these things helped Saul as a servant of the Lord.

Using the Video

Paul: A Chosen Vessel 11:34

“Look For” Activity

When the Lord appeared to Saul on the road to Damascus, He knew Saul would suffer greatly for the ministry. But the Lord also knew Saul would accomplish a great work for Him. Have students look for the significance of each of the elements of Saul’s preparation as he fulfilled his calling as an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Show the Video

This presentation uses time-lapse photography to simulate the sculpting of Paul’s bust. This serves as a metaphor of how the Lord shaped Paul for the ministry. Paul’s religious training, for example, enabled him to bear witness to the Jews. His birthplace and language training prepared him to witness to the Gentiles. Paul’s defense before King Agrippa shows how he was obedient to his calling.

After the Video

Scripture Insight

Read Acts 26:19–29 and discuss Paul’s desire for us all (that we would all be persuaded to believe in Christ and be willing to bear witness of Him).


Invite students to share experiences of people they know who have been persuaded to believe in Christ or who have had opportunities to testify of the gospel of Jesus Christ.