Lesson 15

“Look to God and Live”

“Lesson 15: ‘Look to God and Live’” Old Testament Class Member Study Guide (2001), 10–11

Study the following scriptures:

  1. Numbers 11. The Israelites complain about the manna and desire to eat meat (11:1–9). As instructed by the Lord, Moses gathers 70 elders to assist him (11:10–17, 24–30). The Lord answers the Israelites’ desire for meat by sending them an overabundance of quail and smiting them with a plague because of their greed and overindulgence (11:18–23, 31–35).

  2. Numbers 12. Miriam and Aaron speak against Moses (12:1–3). The Lord chastens and punishes Miriam and Aaron for their murmuring (12:4–16).

  3. Numbers 13–14. Moses instructs 12 men to search the land of Canaan (13:1–20). They return with favorable reports of the land’s resources, but all except Joshua and Caleb fear the inhabitants and desire to return to Egypt (13:21–14:10). The Lord tells Moses that the faithless and complaining Israelites will wander in the wilderness 40 years, until all of the adult generation are dead but Joshua and Caleb (14:11–39).

  4. Numbers 21:1–9. The Israelites destroy the Canaanites who come against them (21:1–3). The Lord sends fiery serpents as punishment for the Israelites’ incessant complaining (21:4–6). Moses makes a serpent of brass, fastens it to a pole, and tells the people that if they look at it, they will live (21:7–9).

  • Why did the Israelites complain about the manna? (See Numbers 11:4–6.) What are the dangers of wanting more than we have?

  • Just as the children of Israel needed to look at the brass serpent to live, we need to look to Jesus Christ to receive eternal life (Alma 37:46–47; Helaman 8:15). What does it mean to look to Christ?

Additional reading: John 3:14–16; 1 Nephi 17:41; Alma 33:18–22; 37:46–47; Helaman 8:13–15.