Lesson 38

“Beside Me There Is No Saviour”

“Lesson 38: ‘Beside Me There Is No Saviour’” Old Testament Class Member Study Guide (2001), 25

Study Isaiah 40–49.

  • Review Isaiah 40:28–31; 42:16; 43:1–4; 44:21–23; and 49:14–16. As you read each passage, look for answers to the following questions: Which attribute of the Savior is mentioned in this passage? How does knowing of this attribute help increase our faith in the Savior?

  • Babylon is often used in the scriptures as a symbol for the wickedness of the world. What are the results of seeking after the ways of the world? (See Isaiah 47:1, 5, 7–11.) What has the Lord promised to those who seek him rather than the world? (See Isaiah 48:17–18.)

  • Many of the prophecies in Isaiah 49 apply both to the work of the Savior and to the work of his servants. What does Isaiah 49:1–6 teach about our responsibilities in the latter days?