1 Samuel 14: A Foolish Oath

Old Testament Seminary Student Study Guide, (2002), 95

When we are disobedient and do not repent, we lose the companionship of the Holy Ghost. Without the Holy Ghost we are more likely to make poor decisions. Saul’s actions in 1 Samuel 14 are an example of this principle.The account in 1 Samuel 14 describes how Saul, hoping to inspire his men and receive help from God, commanded the army of Israel to fast in preparation for their battle against the Philistines. To enforce the command, Saul said that any man who ate would be put to death. He did not know, however, that his own son, Jonathan, was not present when he gave the command. Jonathan ate some honey, and Saul prepared to take the life of his son. Fortunately, the people pled with Saul and he did not carry out this foolish oath.