1 Samuel 18–23: Saul Seeks David's Life

Old Testament Seminary Student Study Guide, (2002), 97

After defeating Goliath, David became a national hero. He was invited to live with Saul, where he worked closely with Saul and where he became close friends with Saul’s son Jonathan. Saul grew jealous of David’s popularity, however, and attempted to kill David several times and to get David’s enemies to kill him.In 1 Samuel 18–23, Saul was trying to take David’s life and David continued to flee and hide from Saul. Throughout these incidents, David kept his friendship with Jonathan. On several occasions, Jonathan helped protect David from danger.From these chapters, we see a growing difference between David, who sought to be right with God, and Saul, whose disobedience and unwillingness to repent left him cut off from God’s influence. Saul grew increasingly wicked and murderous, while David received the help of the Lord unto deliverance.By the end of these chapters, David had gained many followers who looked forward to the day when he would be king in Israel.