2 King 15–16: More Wicked Kings, Part 2

Old Testament Seminary Student Study Guide, (2002), 115

In 2 Kings 15–16 the account continues of the different kings in Israel and Judah over the years and is similar to the four previous chapters. Of special note in these two chapters is that the country of Assyria began to be a threat to the two kingdoms. The kings of Judah paid the Assyrians to not attack and destroy them (see 2 Kings 15:17–20; 16:5–9). King Ahaz (see 2 Kings 16) even took precious things from the temple and gave them to the king of Assyria as a payment for protection.In the kingdom of Israel, Assyria attacked and carried away many people from the northern part of Israel as prisoners (see 2 Kings 15:27–29).