2 Samuel 24: More of David's Mistakes

Old Testament Seminary Student Study Guide, (2002), 103

Chapter 24 is the final chapter of 2 Samuel; it records that David was determined to number, or count, the people in Israel. The record states that the Lord was displeased with him for doing this. Apparently, David was numbering the people to see how successful he really was as king. The Lord, however, was the one who gave David strength to conquer Israel’s enemies. David’s sin was in taking credit for Israel’s success.In the last part of 2 Samuel 24, David bought a threshing floor from a man. On that threshing floor David offered sacrifice to the Lord for his sins. This threshing floor is the traditional place where Abraham offered Isaac and was the place where David’s son Solomon built the temple. Today a Moslem mosque sits on this place and is called the “Dome of the Rock.”