Abraham 2: Abraham Receives Covenants from God

Old Testament Seminary Student Study Guide, (2002), 22–23

In Abraham 1 you read about Abraham’s desire to obtain certain blessings from the Lord and about how he began to receive some of those blessings (see especially 18–19). In Abraham 2 the Lord promised Abraham additional blessings. As you read, look for the things Abraham did to show his faithfulness and worthiness to receive such promises from God.

Understanding the Scriptures

Abraham 2

Wax sore (v. 1)Become worse 
Denominated (v. 4)Named 
Abated (v. 5)Began to be over 
Purposed (v. 6)Planned 
Bear my name (v. 6)Be my representative (like a missionary), testify of me 
Above measure (v. 9)More than can be measured 
Accounted (v. 10)Considered 
Earnestly (v. 12)With great effort 
Souls that we had won (v. 15)People converted to the gospel 
Situated (v. 18)Located 
Devoutly (v. 18)Sincerely and diligently 
Concluded (v. 21)Decided 
Sojourn (v. 21)Live 
Grievous (v. 21)Hard on people 
Fair (v. 22)Beautiful 

Abraham 2—Where Did the Story of Abraham Take Place?

See Bible map 9.

Abraham 2:8–11—The Abrahamic Covenant

You may read more about the Abrahamic covenant in the Bible Dictionary under “Abraham, covenant of” (p. 602) You will study more about the Abrahamic covenant in Genesis 17.

Abraham 2:22–25—She Is My Sister

Some people wonder why Abraham called Sarai his sister. The first and most important reason is that God told him to. It is also helpful to know that in the Hebrew language there are no separate words for granddaughter, grandson, cousin, niece, or nephew. The general terms son, daughter, brother, and sister were used for family relationships. Because Sarai was the daughter of Abraham’s brother Haran, she would also be known as his sister.

It does seem strange that the Egyptians did not feel committing adultery with a man’s wife was right, but they apparently had no problem with killing a man so they could “lawfully” marry his wife. It is important to note that if Abraham would have died at this time, the Lord’s covenant with him could not have been fulfilled. Thus, the Lord told him what to say in this case in order to save his life and fulfill the covenant.

Studying the Scriptures

Do activities A and B as you study Abraham 2.

Activity A iconLook for Evidence

  1. 1.

    Read Abraham 2:1–17 and find evidence that Abraham believed in and trusted God. List this evidence in your notebook.

  2. 2.

    Write about what you think someone else could find in your life that shows you follow God and believe and trust in Him. Record examples from your life that are similar to ways Abraham showed his faith in God, or note things in your life that you wish were similar to Abraham’s example of faith.

Activity B iconUse Every Word

Use all of the following words to write a sentence or two that summarize what the Lord promised to Abraham in Abraham 2:8–11: bless, seed, ministry, priesthood, gospel, father, families, salvation.