Amos 1–2: Condemnation of Israel and Surrounding Nations

Old Testament Seminary Student Study Guide, (2002), 183

Amos began his prophecies with messages of the Lord’s condemnation to several nations that surrounded Israel: Syria (identified by its capital, Damascus; see Amos 1:3–5), Philistia (identified by the major cities Gaza, Ashdod, Ashkelon, and Ekron; see Amos 1:6–8), Phoenicia (and its major city, Tyrus or Tyre; see Amos 1:9–10), Edom (see Amos 1:11–12), Ammon (see Amos 1:13–15), and Moab (see Amos 2:1–3). Each was condemned for its sins and for attacking Israel.These condemnations must have gotten the children of Israel’s attention, and they would have likely agreed with Amos’s decrees, but he also condemned Judah (see Joel 2:4–5) and Israel (see Joel 2:6–16). Amos let the Israelites know that God’s justice is the same for all who sin against Him—they will all eventually be punished. The rest of the book of Amos is mostly a message to Israel warning them to repent.