Amos 7–9: Five Visions of Amos

Old Testament Seminary Student Study Guide, (2002), 184

Amos 7–9 deals with five visions Amos received from the Lord. Each vision showed that the Lord intended to completely destroy the kingdom of Israel if the people did not repent. The first two visions were of destructions that were avoided because Israel repented (see Amos 7:1–6). The next three visions revealed ways Israel had not repented (see Amos 7:7–9; 8:1–3; 9:1–4). The result of these sins would be that the Northern Kingdom of Israel would be conquered and taken captive. God, however, would not allow Israel to be utterly destroyed. In chapter 9, the Lord promised them that although they would be scattered among all nations, in the last days they would be gathered again to their lands of promise.

Studying the Scriptures

If you choose, do activity A as you study Amos 7–9.

Activity A iconOptional Activity—What Does It Mean?

  1. 1.

    Amos 8:11–12 describes an apostasy. Find out the meaning of the word apostasy and tell why these verses in Amos are a good description of a general apostasy on the earth.

  2. 2.

    Using the same symbols for the gospel that Amos used in Amos 8:11–12, make an advertisement to invite people to investigate the truth. You can simply write what the advertisement would say or draw what you might put on a poster.