Daniel 7–12: Daniel's Prophetic Dreams and Visions

Old Testament Seminary Student Study Guide, (2002), 178

Daniel 7–12 contains the record of several of Daniel’s visions about what was going to happen to his people, the house of Israel, and to the world. As the table below shows, some of Daniel’s visions had the same meaning as Nebuchadnezzar’s dream in Daniel 2. The Lord has not revealed to us the meaning of all that Daniel saw.

The Kingdoms in Daniel’s Visions

Daniel 2

Daniel 7

Daniel 8

Daniel 11–12


Head of gold
See vv. 32, 37–38.

See v. 4.


Breast and arms of silver
See vv. 32, 39.

See v. 5.

See vv. 3–4, 20.

See 11:1–2.


Belly and thighs of brass
See vv. 32, 39.

See vv. 6–7.

See vv. 5–8, 21–22.

See 11:3–20.


Legs of iron
See vv. 33, 40.

Terrible beast
See vv. 7, 19.

Many Kingdoms

Feet and toes of iron or clay
See vv. 33, 41–43.

Ten horns
See vv. 7–8, 20.

Kingdom of God in the Latter Days

See vv. 34–35, 44–45.

Adam and Jesus Christ
See vv. 9–14, 22–28.

See 12:1–3.

The Power of Anti-Christ

Little horn from among the ten horns
See vv. 8, 20–22.

Little horn from the four heads
See vv. 9–12.

See 11:21–45.