Ecclesiastes 7–11: Finding Some Contentment in Life

Old Testament Seminary Student Study Guide, (2002), 137

Having said that “all is vanity,” or that nothing really brings a fulness of joy, the preacher used Ecclesiastes 7–11 to tell what he thought could bring a person some temporary happiness. Even though “all is vanity,” he preached that there are still some ways of living that bring more happiness than others.

Studying the Scriptures

Do activity A as you study Ecclesiastes 7–11.

Activity A iconSummarize the Teachings

Read the following verses from Ecclesiastes 7–11 and summarize what the preacher said a person should know or do to have some amount of happiness and contentment in life: 7:1, 11–12, 17–22; 8:12–13; 9:4–10; 10:8, 12–14; 11:1, 8–10.