Genesis 30: The Children of Jacob, Part 2

Old Testament Seminary Student Study Guide, (2002), 32

Understanding the Scriptures

Genesis 30

Envied (v. 1)Was jealous of 
Stead (v. 2)Place 
Fruit of the womb (v. 2)Children 
Bear upon my knees (v. 3)Have children for me as my servant 
Prevailed (v. 8)Overcome 
Mandrakes (vv. 14–16)See Bible Dictionary, “mandrake” (p. 728)  
Hearkened unto (v. 17)Heard 
Hire (v. 18)Reward 
Endued (v. 20)Blessed 
Dowry (v. 20)Present, or reward 
Opened her womb (v. 22)Blessed her to have children 
Reproach (v. 23)Shame and sadness 

Genesis 30:25–43—Jacob Is Prospered

In Genesis 30 we read that Jacob sought to return to the land of his father. He asked Laban if he could take with him the things he had obtained by his work. In a miraculous way, the Lord prospered Jacob so he was able to have much more than Laban was willing to give him.

Studying the Scriptures

Do activity A as you study Genesis 30.

Activity A iconThe Children of Jacob

Make a chart of the sons of Jacob that looks like the one below. You will also need to look at Genesis 29:31–35 to complete the chart. Jacob’s last son, Benjamin, was not born until later in Jacob’s life; the story of Benjamin’s birth is in Genesis 35. You may want to leave room on your chart and write him in later. Put the sons in the order they were born according to the scriptures. Your footnotes will be very helpful in completing the chart. You may also want to highlight or underline each son when his name first appears in the verses, and also underline the meaning of his name in the footnotes. If you mark your scriptures this way, you can see each name quickly the next time you read.

Name of Child


Meaning of Name

Reason Why Name Was Given



Look, a son

Leah was pleased that she could have a son for Jacob, even though she felt unloved.