Genesis 33: Jacob Meets Esau

Old Testament Seminary Student Study Guide, (2002), 33

Understanding the Scriptures

Genesis 33

Foremost (v. 2)In front 
Hindermost (v. 2)Behind 
Graciously (vv. 5, 11)Kindly 
Blessing (v. 11)Gift 
Urged (v. 11)Encouraged 
Before (v. 12)In front of 
Tender (v. 13)Young 
Overdrive (v. 13)Walk them too fast and far 
Pass over before (v. 14)Go a different way 
Lead on softly (v. 14)Move slowly 
Parcel (v. 19)Plot of land 
Erected (v. 20)Made 

Studying the Scriptures

Do activity A as you study Genesis 33.

Activity A iconEsau’s Point of View

Esau and Jacob embracing

Write the story found in Genesis 32–33 as if you were Esau. Include your feelings about Jacob twenty years ago and your feelings about him at the time of the story. Use information in Genesis 33 to keep the story as accurate as possible.