Genesis 45: Joseph Reveals Himself to His Brothers

Old Testament Seminary Student Study Guide, (2002), 38–39

In Genesis 45, Joseph finally made himself known to his brothers. Before you read, predict how his brothers, the Egyptians, and Joseph’s father, Jacob (Israel), will react. Read and see what actually happened.

Understanding the Scriptures

Genesis 45

Refrain himself (v. 1)Control his emotions 
Grieved (v. 5)Troubled 
Earing nor harvest (v. 6)Growing or gathering food 
Deliverance (v. 7)Way of escape 
Nourish (v. 11)Feed 
Fame thereof (v. 16)Story 
Regard not (v. 20)Do not worry about 
Provision (v. 21)Food 
Raiment (v. 22)Clothing 
Revived (v. 27)Became strong 

Studying the Scriptures

Do either activity A or B as you study Genesis 45.

Activity A iconWrite a Journal Entry

Write an imaginary journal entry for Joseph at the end of the day he revealed himself to his brothers. Include what you think he realized about his life twenty years after being sold into Egypt, including the difficult trials he experienced.

Joseph gathering grain in Egypt

Activity B iconWhat Do You Think They Said?

In Genesis 45:25–27, Joseph’s brothers told Jacob the story of what happened when they were in Egypt. They certainly needed to fill in some parts of the story, however, like what really happened to Joseph when Jacob thought he had died. Imagine you are Judah and write what you would have said to Jacob on this occasion. Include the following information in what you write: how your feelings have changed over the years (for example, compare Genesis 37:23–34 with Genesis 43:3–10; 44:14–34), which events changed your feelings, how you feel about things in the past, and how you feel about what happened on your trips to Egypt, especially the final time when Joseph revealed himself.