Genesis 46: Father and Son Reunited!

Old Testament Seminary Student Study Guide, (2002), 39

Jacob thought his son was dead. After twenty years he learned that Joseph was alive and that he would get the opportunity to see this beloved son again. We can only imagine what the reunion was like (read about it in Genesis 46:28–30). Genesis 46 also includes a list of the names of all of Jacob’s (Israel’s) descendants who went and lived in Egypt (see vv. 8–27).

Understanding the Scriptures

Genesis 46

Visions (v. 2)Dreams 
Direct his face (v. 28)Show the way 
Trade (vv. 32, 34)Work 
Occupation (v. 33)Work 
Abomination (v. 34)Considered bad 

Studying the Scriptures

Do activity A as you study Genesis 46.

Activity A iconJoseph: A Type of Christ

One special way some ancient prophets bore witness of Christ was by the way they lived or by the things that happened to them. By carefully looking at the lives of the prophets we see patterns, or types, of what would happen to the Savior or what the Savior would do or say. Joseph’s life in Egypt had many of these types.

Review the story of Joseph (see Genesis 37–46). List as many details as you can about Joseph’s life that either are like what happened to Jesus Christ or that teach us something about the Savior. You may want to discuss this activity with others to create a large list. Some students have found as many as fifteen to twenty different things in the scriptures about Joseph that are a type of Christ.