Isaiah 12: Praise the Lord

Old Testament Seminary Student Study Guide, (2002), 142–143

Isaiah 12 is a short poem to praise the Lord for what He does to save His people. Isaiah 12 seems to have come in response to the great truths spoken of in Isaiah 11 concerning the Messiah, the gathering of Israel in the last days, and the Millennium. The teachings in chapter 12 can also be applied to any individual who comes to know the Lord, gathers to the Lord’s Church, and receives the peace that only Jesus Christ can give.

Studying the Scriptures

Do activity A as you study Isaiah 12.

Activity A iconNames for Jesus Christ

Read the following verses from the first 12 chapters of Isaiah, and list all of the different names Isaiah used for Jesus Christ: Isaiah 1:24; 2:3; 3:1; 5:16; 5:24; 7:14; 8:14; 9:6; 11:1; 12:2. Tell what you think is significant about using the particular name in each verse. What does the name emphasize about the Lord’s character or actions?