Jeremiah 17: The Sins of Judah

Old Testament Seminary Student Study Guide, (2002), 159

Jeremiah 17 records that the Lord and Jeremiah spoke about what removed Judah from favor in the sight of God. The people seemed to be permanently fixed on sin (see vv. 1–4), would not trust in the Lord (vv. 5–8), and did not keep the Sabbath day holy (vv. 19–27). Jeremiah prayed for the people (vv. 12–18).

Understanding the Scriptures

Jeremiah 17:5–8, 19–27

Maketh flesh his arm (v. 5)Puts his trust in the strength of a mortal man 
Parched (v. 6)Very dry 
Be careful (v. 8)Watch out for, or be concerned 
Hallow (vv. 22, 24, 27)Make sacred 

Studying the Scriptures

Do activities A and B as you study Jeremiah 17.

Activity A iconDraw a Picture

Draw one or more pictures that represent what Jeremiah 17:5–8 says about those who trust in the Lord and those who don’t.

Activity B iconWrite a Sentence

Use the following words to write a sentence that summarizes what the Lord taught in Jeremiah 17:19–27 about keeping the Sabbath day holy: burden, work, diligent, hallow.