Jeremiah 35: The Rechabites

Old Testament Seminary Student Study Guide, (2002), 164

Jeremiah 35 records events that actually occurred several years before those in previous chapters. We know this because Jehoiakim (mentioned in v. 1) was king before Zedekiah (mentioned in chapters 33–34). This kind of “flashback” occurs several times in the book of Jeremiah.Jeremiah 35 speaks of a group of people called Rechabites. They lived outside of the cities in tents and never settled in one place. The Rechabites followed certain traditions given by the leader of their group. These traditions were not part of their religion, but they followed the rules and traditions very faithfully. The Lord used these people as an object lesson. The lesson was this: the Rechabites faithfully keep human traditions, but the people of Judah cannot keep the commandments of a living God—commandments that have real and eternal blessings attached to them. The Lord promised to bless the Rechabites for their sincerity and faithfulness.