Joshua 11–21: The Conquest of Canaan Continues

Old Testament Seminary Student Study Guide, (2002), 83

Joshua 11 describes more battles Joshua and the Israelites won. Chapter 11 also mentions that the Israelites “made war a long time” with some of the kings. We do not know why conquering these particular cities took the Israelites longer than conquering some of the first cities they battled against. Joshua 12 contains a list of the cities and kings the Israelites destroyed, and Joshua 13:1–14 contains a list of some of the cities and kings they did not destroy or drive out. We do not know exactly why these groups were not destroyed or driven out.Beginning in Joshua 13 and continuing through Joshua 21 we read about how the land was divided between the tribes of Israel. Look in the map section of your scriptures to see the approximate boundaries of the land each tribe received (see Bible map 3).