Joshua 6: The Walls Came Tumbling Down

Old Testament Seminary Student Study Guide, (2002), 81

In Joshua 2 we read about how two Israelites spied on Jericho, were protected by Rahab, and then brought back their report to Joshua. Joshua 6 tells how the Israelite army conquered the city and how Rahab was saved, as the spies had promised.
army of Israel blowing horns at Jericho

Understanding the Scriptures

Joshua 6

Straitly (v. 1)Tightly 
Mighty men of valour (v. 2)Trained soldiers or warriors 
Bear before (v. 4)Carry in front of 
Bid you (v. 10)Tell you to 
Accursed (vv. 17–18)Utterly destroyed by God 
Kindred (v. 23)Family 
Without (v. 23)Outside 
In his firstborn (v. 26)By losing his firstborn child to death 
In his youngest son (v. 26)By losing his youngest son to death 
Noised (v. 27)Talked about 

Joshua 6—Seven

Notice how many times the number seven is used in this story. In Hebrew, seven (sheva) means “whole, complete, or perfect.” By using the number seven the Lord emphasized that if Israel wholly kept His commandments and their covenants with Him, they would be successful.

Studying the Scriptures

Do activities A and B as you study Joshua 6.

Activity A iconDescribe the Battle of Jericho

Briefly describe the battle of Jericho, making sure to include the following words: surround, trumpet, seven, ark, and Rahab.

Activity B iconHow Did They Feel? What Did They Think?

Write something you think each of the following people thought or felt as a part of the conquest of Jericho: an Israelite priest with a trumpet, a soldier in the army, a cousin to Rahab, and a citizen of Jericho. Jericho was the first city the armies of Israel battled after entering the land of Canaan. What do you think the children of Israel should have learned from how they won this battle that could have helped them as they continued their conquest of the promised land?