Judges 13: The Birth of Sampson

Old Testament Seminary Student Study Guide, (2002), 86–87

Have you ever asked your parents about the events surrounding your birth? What were their thoughts as they prepared to receive you in their life? What were their hopes for you as you grew? Judges 13 tells about the events of Samson’s birth. As you read, look for what Samson’s parents thought and hoped during the time surrounding his birth.

Understanding the Scriptures

Judges 13

Conceive (vv. 3, 5, 7)Become pregnant 
Unclean thing (v. 4)Against the law of Moses (see Bible Dictionary, “clean and unclean,” pp. 646–47) 
No razor shall come upon his head (v. 5)He will not cut his hair. 
Countenance (v. 6)Appearance 
Very terrible (v. 6)Creating a sense of humility and respect for the visitor 
Nazarite (v. 7)A special calling under the law of Moses (see Numbers 6:1–21) 
Intreated (v. 8)Prayed to 
How shall we order the child? (v. 12)By what rules or commandments should we raise the child? 
Beware (v. 13)Pay special attention or obey 
Observe (v. 14)Do 
Detain thee (vv. 15–16)Make you wait 
Kid (vv. 15, 19)Young goat 
Do thee honour (v. 17)Give you credit 

Studying the Scriptures

Do activities A and B as you study Judges 13.

Activity A iconA Special Calling

Describe how the following terms had something to do with Samson’s special birth and calling: barren, drink, razor, angel, burnt offering.

Activity B iconWrite a Letter

Imagine you are Samson’s aunt or uncle and that Samson is now in his teen years. Based on what you read in Judges 13, write Samson a letter to help him understand what wonderful parents he has.