Lamentations 1: The Consequences of Sin

Old Testament Seminary Student Study Guide, (2002), 166–167

Elder Theodore M. Burton said, “The scriptures and instructions from our spiritual leaders teach us how to avoid the heartache which always results from sin” (in Conference Report, Oct. 1985, 81; or Ensign, Nov. 1985, 64).Lamentations 1, like all of the chapters in Lamentations, gives examples of the heartache Elder Burton spoke of. Heartfelt sorrow and remorse are the parts of sinning we don’t often see or think about when we are tempted to do wrong.As you read, think about how the words in chapter 1 might be like the words of those who wasted their days on earth and are now in the spirit world facing the eternal consequences of the poor choices they made on earth.

Understanding the Scriptures

Lamentations 1

Solitary (v. 1)Alone 
Provinces (v. 1)Areas like states or counties 
Tributary (v. 1)Slave, subject to others 
Treacherously (v. 2)Offensively 
Servitude (v. 3)Slavery 
Heathen (vv. 3, 10)Those who don’t know or worship the true God 
Between the straits (v. 3)While in distress 
Desolate (vv. 4, 13, 16)Alone, without strength 
Adversaries (vv. 5, 7, 17)Enemies 
Harts (v. 6)Deer 
Last end (v. 9)Future 
Sanctuary (v. 10)Temple 
Vile (v. 11)Worthless 
Prevaileth, prevailed (vv. 13, 16)Succeeds 
Wreathed (v. 14)Woven together 
Trodden (v. 15)Walked on 
Bereaveth (v. 20)Take away loved ones 

Studying the Scriptures

Do activity A as you study Lamentations 1.

Activity A iconWhy?

In Lamentations 1:1–11, Jeremiah spoke as himself. In verses 12–22, he spoke as if he were the whole country of Judah. Choose four phrases from Jeremiah’s words (vv. 1–11) that you think explain why he “lamented.”