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How to Use This Manual1 
Studying the Scriptures2–5 
Reading ChartOld Testament Reading Chart6 
Welcome to the Old Testament7 
The Books of Genesis, Moses, and Abraham 
Abraham 3Abraham 3: The Premortal Life and Council in Heaven9–10 
Moses 1Moses 1: “This Is My Work and My Glory”10–11 
Genesis 1; Moses 2Genesis 1; Moses 2: The Creation11–12 
Genesis 2; Moses 3Genesis 2; Moses 3: The Creation of Eve12–13 
Genesis 3; Moses 4Genesis 3; Moses 4: The Fall13–14 
Genesis 4; Moses 5Genesis 4; Moses 5: Sacrifice and the Family of Adam14–15 
Genesis 5; Moses 6Genesis 5; Moses 6: Enoch Teaches the First Principles of the Gospel16–17 
Genesis 5; Moses 7Genesis 5; Moses 7: Zion Taken into Heaven17–18 
Genesis 6; Moses 8Genesis 6; Moses 8: Noah’s Preaching18–19 
Genesis 7Genesis 7: The Flood19–20 
Genesis 8Genesis 8: The Rain Stops20 
Genesis 9Genesis 9: A New Start20–21 
Genesis 10Genesis 10: Noah’s Descendants21 
Genesis 11Genesis 11: The Tower of Babel21–22 
Abraham 1Abraham 1: Abraham Desires the Priesthood22 
Abraham 2Abraham 2: Abraham Receives Covenants from God22–23 
Genesis 12–13Genesis 12–13: Let There Be No Strife23–24 
Genesis 14Genesis 14: Abraham Meets with Melchizedek24 
Genesis 15Genesis 15: A Covenant Confirmed24–25 
Genesis 16Gensis 16: Abraham Marries Hagar25 
Genesis 17Genesis 17: The Abrahamic Covenant25–26 
Genesis 18Genesis 18: “Is Anything Too Hard for the Lord?”26–27 
Genesis 19Genesis 19: Sodom and Gomorrah27 
Genesis 20–21Genesis 20–21: A Promise Fulfilled27 
Genesis 22Genesis 22: The Sacrifice of Isaac27–29 
Genesis 23Genesis 23: Sarah Dies29 
Genesis 24Genesis 24: A Wife for Isaac29 
Genesis 25Genesis 25: What is the Value of the Covenant?29–30 
Genesis 26–27Genesis 26–27: Jacob Received Covenant Blessings30 
Genesis 28Genesis 28: Jacob’s Sacred Experience31 
Genesis 29Genesis 29: The Children of Jacob, Part 131–32 
Genesis 30Genesis 30: The Children of Jacob, Part 232 
Genesis 31Genesis 31: Jacob Leaves Padan-aram32 
Genesis 32Genesis 32: Jacob Travels toward Home33 
Genesis 33Genesis 33: Jacob Meets Esau33 
Genesis 34Genesis 34: Vengeful Acts of Jacob’s Sons33 
Genesis 35Genesis 35: Jacob Returns to Bethel34 
Genesis 36–37Genesis 36–37: Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors34–35 
Genesis 38–39Genesis 38–39: Joseph’s Righteousness35 
Genesis 40Genesis 40: Joseph in Prison36 
Genesis 41Genesis 41: Joseph and the Pharaoh36–37 
Genesis 42Genesis 42: Joseph’s Brothers Go to Egypt37 
Genesis 43Genesis 43: Joseph’s Brothers Return to Egypt38 
Genesis 44Genesis 44: Joseph Tests His Brothers38 
Genesis 45Genesis 45: Joseph Reveals Himself to His Brothers38–39 
Genesis 46Genesis 46: Father and Son Reunited!39 
Genesis 47–48Genesis 47–48: Jacob Adopts Joseph’s Sons39–40 
Genesis 49Genesis 49: Patriarchal Blessings for Israel’s Sons40–41 
Genesis 50Genesis 50: Jacob and Joseph Die41 
The Book of Exodus 
Exodus 1Exodus 1: Courageous Midwives42 
Exodus 2Exodus 2: Moses’ Early Life42–43 
Exodus 3Exodus 3: The Burning Bush43 
Exodus 4Exodus 4: Moses Returns to Egypt43 
Exodus 5Exodus 5: Hard-Hearted Pharaoh44 
Exodus 6Exodus 6: I Am the Lord44 
Exodus 7–10Exodus 7–10: The Plagues44–45 
Exodus 11–12Exodus 11–12: The Passover45–47 
Exodus 13Exodus 13: The Firstborn47 
Exodus 14Exodus 14: Crossing the Red Sea47–48 
Exodus 15Exodus 15: Murmuring, Part 148 
Exodus 16Exodus 16: Murmuring, Part 248–49 
Exodus 17Exodus 17: Murmuring, Part 349 
Exodus 18Exodus 18: Keeping Moses from Wearing Away49–50 
Exodus 19Exodus 19: At Mount Sanai50–51 
Exodus 20Exodus 20: The Ten Commandments51 
Exodus 21–23Exodus 21–23: An Eye for an Eye, and a Tooth for a Tooth51 
Exodus 24Exodus 24: Seventy Elders See God52 
Exodus 25–27; 30Exodus 25–27; 30: The Tabernacle52–53 
Exodus 28–29Exodus 28–29: The Priests in the Temple53–54 
Exodus 31Exodus 31: Men Called to Work on the Tabernacle54 
Exodus 32Exodus 32: The Golden Calf54–55 
Exodus 33Exodus 33: Moses Sees the Lord Again55 
Exodus 34Exodus 34: The Lesser Law55–56 
Exodus 35–40Exodus 35–40: The Tabernacle Is Built and Dedicated56 
The Book of Leviticus 
Leviticus 1Leviticus 1: The Burnt Offering56–57 
Leviticus 2–7Leviticus 2–7: Other Offerings57 
Leviticus 8–9Leviticus 8–9: The Consecration of Aaron and His Sons58 
Leviticus 10Leviticus 10: Priesthood Holders Must Be Holy58 
Leviticus 11Leviticus 11: A “Word of Wisdom” for the Israelites58–59 
Leviticus 12Leviticus 12: Clean and Unclean59 
Leviticus 13–14Leviticus 13–14: Leprosy59–60 
Leviticus 15–16Leviticus 15–16: The Day of Atonement60 
Leviticus 17–18Leviticus 17–18: Avoid Idolatrous Practices60–61 
Leviticus 19–20Leviticus 19–20: “Be Holy for I Am Holy”61 
Leviticus 21–22Leviticus 21–22: Holiness of the Priesthood61 
Leviticus 23–25Leviticus 23–25: Holy Days and Events61–62 
Leviticus 26–27Leviticus 26–27: Blessings or Cursings62 
The Book of Numbers 
Numbers 1–4Numbers 1–4: The Census63 
Numbers 5–8Numbers 5–8: Additions to the Law of Moses63 
Numbers 9Numbers 9: The First Passover in the Wilderness64 
Numbers 10Numbers 10: Leaving Sinai65 
Numbers 11Numbers 11: The Israelites Driven by Their Appetites65 
Numbers 12Numbers 12: Sustaining or Rejecting the Prophet66 
Numbers 13–14Numbers 13–14: Scoping Out the Promised Land66–67 
Numbers 15Numbers 15: Obtaining Forgiveness67 
Numbers 16Numbers 16: Rebellion Against the Prophet67 
Numbers 17–19Numbers 17–19: A Follow-up to a Tragic Incident67–68 
Numbers 20Numbers 20: Thirty-Eight Years of Frustration68 
Numbers 21Numbers 21: The Brass Serpent68–69 
Numbers 22–24Numbers 22–24: The Story of Balaam69 
Numbers 25–26Numbers 25–26: Cursing Israel70 
Numbers 27Numbers 27: Choosing a New Leader for Israel70 
Numbers 28–30Numbers 28–30: Old Commandments Still Apply70 
Numbers 31Numbers 31: Balaam Dies70 
Numbers 32Numbers 32: Land for Reuben and Gad70–71 
Numbers 33–36Numbers 33–36: Instructions for the Promised Land71 
The Book of Deuteronomy 
Deuteronomy 1–3Deuteronomy 1–3: A Review History71–72 
Deuteronomy 4Deuteronomy 4: “Take Heed to Thyself”72 
Deuteronomy 5Deuteronomy 5: The Ten Commandments72 
Deuteronomy 6Deuteronomy 6: The Great Commandment72–73 
Deuteronomy 7Deuteronomy 7: Marry in the Covenant73 
Deuteronomy 8Deuteronomy 8: Remember!73–74 
Deuteronomy 9–10Deuteronomy 9–10: The Lord Will Help74 
Deuteronomy 11Deuteronomy 11: Blessings or Cursings—You Choose74 
Deuteronomy 12–13Deuteronomy 12–13: Avoid Evil Practices74 
Deuteronomy 14–17Deuteronomy 14–17: Practices of God’s People74–75 
Deuteronomy 18Deuteronomy 18: True and False Prophets75 
Deuteronomy 19–25Deuteronomy 19–25: Specific Laws for a Chosen People75 
Deuteronomy 26Deuteronomy 26: Our Debt to God75 
Deuteronomy 27–28Deuteronomy 27–28: Blessings and Cursings75–76 
Deuteronomy 29–30Deuteronomy 29–30: Returning to the Lord76–77 
Deuteronomy 31–32Deuteronomy 31–32: The Song of Moses77 
Deuteronomy 33Deuteronomy 33: Blessings for Each Tribe76–78 
Deuteronomy 34Deuteronomy 34: Farewell to Moses78 
The Book of Joshua 
Joshua 1Joshua 1: “Be Strong and of a Good Courage”79 
Joshua 2Joshua 2: Spies in Jericho79–80 
Joshua 3–4Joshua 3–4:Crossing the Jordan River80 
Joshua 5Joshua 5: A Special Visitor80–81 
Joshua 6Joshua 6: The Walls Came Tumbling Down81 
Joshua 7Joshua 7: Conquering the City of Ai81–82 
Joshua 8Joshua 8: Conquering Ai82 
Joshua 9Joshua 9: Tricked by the Gibeonites82 
Joshua 10Joshua 10: The Sun and Moon Stand Still82–83 
Joshua 11–21Joshua 11–21: The Conquest of Canaan Continues83 
Joshua 22Joshua 22: Settling the East Side of the Jordan83 
Joshua 23–24Joshua 23–24: “Choosing You This Day”83–84 
The Book of Judges 
Judges 1Judges 1: Who Shall Fight for Us?84–85 
Judges 2–3Judges 2–3: Ehud Delivers Israel85 
Judges 4–5Judges 4–5: Deborah the Prophetess85 
Judges 6–8Judges 6–8: Gideon85–86 
Judges 9–10Judges 9–10: The Cycle Continues86 
Judges 11–12Judges 11–12: The Story of Jephthah86 
Judges 13Judges 13: The Birth of Sampson86–87 
Judges 14–15Judges 14–15: One Mistake after Another87 
Judges 16Judges 16: Samson and Delilah87–88 
Judges 17–21Judges 17–21: Israel Suffers for Disobedience88 
The Book of Ruth 
Ruth 1Ruth 1: “Where You Will Go, I Will Go”88–89 
Ruth 2Ruth 2: Ruth Meets Boaz89 
Ruth 3–4Ruth 3–4: Ruth and Boaz Marry89–90 
The First Book of Samuel 
1 Samuel 11 Samuel 1: “For This child I Prayed”90–91 
1 Samuel 21 Samuel 2: Eli’s Sons91–92 
1 Samuel 31 Samuel 3: Samuel Hears the Lord92 
1 Samuel 4–61 Samuel 4–6: The Ark of the Covenant92 
1 Samuel 71 Samuel 7: Repentance Brings the Victory92–93 
1 Samuel 81 Samuel 8: “Give Us a King”93–94 
1 Samuel 9–101 Samuel 9–10: Saul Anointed King94 
1 Samuel 111 Samuel 11: Saul Leads Israel to Battle94 
1 Samuel 121 Samuel 12: The Lord is Still King95 
1 Samuel 131 Samuel 13: Saul Acts Foolishly95 
1 Samuel 141 Samuel 14: A Foolish Oath95 
1 Samuel 151 Samuel 15: The Importance of Obedience95–96 
1 Samuel 161 Samuel 16: The Lord Chooses a New King96 
1 Samuel 171 Samuel 17: David and Goliath96–97 
1 Samuel 18–231 Samuel 18–23: Saul Seeks David’s Life97 
1 Samuel 241 Samuel 24: Respect for the Lord’s Anointed97–98 
1 Samuel 25–261 Samuel 25–26: Love Your Enemies98 
1 Samuel 271 Samuel 27: David among the Philistines98 
1 Samuel 281 Samuel 28: Saul’s Spiritual Darkness98 
1 Samuel 29–311 Samuel 29–31: David’s Success and Saul’s Death99 
The Second Book of Samuel 
2 Samuel 1–32 Samuel 1–3: After Saul’s Death99 
2 Samuel 4–52 Samuel 4–5: David Becomes King99–100 
2 Samuel 62 Samuel 6: The Ark of the Covenant Comes to Jerusalem100 
2 Samuel 72 Samuel 7: David Wants to Build a Temple100 
2 Samuel 8–102 Samuel 8–10: David’s Political and Personal Success100–1 
2 Samuel 11–122 Samuel 11–12: David’s Tragic Mistakes101–2 
2 Samuel 13–142 Samuel 13–14: The Sins of David’s Children102–13 
2 Samuel 15–182 Samuel 15–18: Absalom Seeks to Be King103 
2 Samuel 19–202 Samuel 19–20: Continued Troubles for David103 
2 Samuel 21–232 Samuel 21–23: More about David103 
2 Samuel 242 Samuel 24: More of David’s Mistakes103 
The First Book of the Kings 
1 Kings 1–21 Kings 1–2: The Death of David104 
1 Kings 31 Kings 3: What Shall I Give Thee?104–5 
1 Kings 41 Kings 4: Solomon Organizes the Kingdom105 
1 Kings 5–71 Kings 5–7: Solomon Builds a Temple105 
1 Kings 81 Kings 8: The Temple is Dedicated105–6 
1 Kings 91 Kings 9: The Lord Appears to Solomon105–7 
1 Kings 101 Kings 10: The Queen of Sheba Visits107 
1 Kings 111 Kings 11: Solomon Turns from the Lord107 
1 Kings 121 Kings 12: A Divided Kingdom107–8 
1 Kings 13–141 Kings 13–14: Double Trouble108 
1 Kings 15–161 Kings 15–16: New Kings, Old Problems108 
1 Kings 171 Kings 17: Elijah the Prophet108–9 
1 Kings 181 Kings 18: Elijah versus 450 Priests of Baal109–10 
1 Kings 191 Kings 19: Elijah Learns More about the Holy Ghost110 
1 Kings 20–211 Kings 20–21: Ahab’s Continued Disobedience110 
1 Kings 221 Kings 22: The Prophet Micaiah110–11 
The Second Book of the Kings 
2 Kings 12 Kings 1: The King Seeks Help from Idols111 
2 Kings 22 Kings 2: Elijah Taken into Heaven111–12 
2 Kings 3–42 Kings 3–4: Miracles112–13 
2 Kings 52 Kings 5: The Healing of Naaman113 
2 Kings 6–72 Kings 6–7: Trust the Prophets113–14 
2 Kings 82 Kings 8: Righteousness amid Great Wickedness114 
2 Kings 9–102 Kings 9–10: Ahab’s Descendants Destroyed114 
2 Kings 11–142 Kings 11–14: More Wicked Kings, Part 1114 
2 King 15–162 King 15–16: More Wicked Kings, Part 2115 
2 Kings 172 Kings 17: The Northern Kingdom (Ten Tribes) Taken Captive115–16 
2 Kings 18–192 Kings 18–19: Righteous King Hezekiah116–17 
2 Kings 202 Kings 20: More About Hezekiah117 
2 Kings 212 Kings 21: Wicked King Manasseh117 
2 Kings 22–232 Kings 22–23: The Power of the Word117 
2 Kings 24–252 Kings 24–25: Judah Taken Captive by Babylon118 
The First and Second Books of the Chronicles 
1 Chronicles 22:5–191 Chronicles 22:5–19: Preparing to Build the Temple118 
1 Chronicles 29:291 Chronicles 29:29: “The Acts of David the King”118–19 
2 Chronicles 3:12 Chronicles 3:1: Solomon Begins to Build the Temple119 
2 Chronicles 7:1–122 Chronicles 7:1–12: The Glory of the Lord119 
2 Chronicles 11:13–172 Chronicles 11:13–17: The Levites Return119 
2 Chronicles 152 Chronicles 15: Asa Obeys a Prophet’s Counsel119–20 
2 Chronicles 202 Chronicles 20: Asa’s Son Jehoshaphat120 
2 Chronicles 26:14–212 Chronicles 26:14–21: Uzziah Becomes a Leper120 
2 Chronicles 29:1–112 Chronicles 29:1–11: “Be Not Now Negligent”120 
2 Chronicles 36:11–162 Chronicles 36:11–16: Wickedness in Jerusalem120 
The Book of Ezra 
Ezra 1Ezra 1: Cyrus Fulfills Prophecy122 
Ezra 2Ezra 2: Who Returned?122 
Ezra 3–6Ezra 3–6: The Building of the Temple122 
Ezra 7Ezra 7: Ezra—Teacher of the Law122–23 
Ezra 8Ezra 8: Journey to Jerusalem123 
Ezra 9–10Ezra 9–10: Marriages to Non-Israelite Wives123 
The Book of Nehemiah 
Nehemiah 1Nehemiah 1: Nehemiah’s Prayer124 
Nehemiah 2Nehemiah 2: Nehemiah Goes to Jerusalem124–25 
Nehemiah 3–4Nehemiah 3–4: The Builders Face Opposition125 
Nehemiah 5Nehemiah 5: Nehemiah: A Great Leader125 
Nehemiah 6Nehemiah 6: Nehemiah Finishes the Walls125 
Nehemiah 7Nehemiah 7: The Names of Those Who Returned125 
Nehemiah 8Nehemiah 8: Ezra Reads the Scriptures to the People126 
Nehemiah 9–10Nehemiah 9–10: The Power of the Word126 
Nehemiah 11–12Nehemiah 11–12: The Dedication of the Wall126 
Nehemiah 13Nehemiah 13: Nehemiah Continues to Preach Repentence127 
The Book of Esther 
Esther 1–10127–28 
The Book of Job 
Job 1Job 1: Job Loses Everything, Except …129 
Job 2Job 2: More Trials for Job129 
Job 3Job 3: Why Was I Even Born?129–30 
Job 4–31Job 4–31: Job’s Friends Give Him Counsel130 
Job 32–37Job 32–37: A Fourth Friend130 
Job 38–39Job 38–39: The Lord Speaks130–31 
Job 40–42Job 40–42: Job Passes the Test131 
The Book of Psalms 
Psalm 22Psalm 22: A Psalm about Jesus Christ132–33 
Psalm 23Psalm 23: “The Lord Is My Shepherd”133 
Psalm 24Psalm 24: The Joy of the Lord’s Coming133–34 
Selected Verses from Psalms134 
The Proverbs 
ProverbsProverbs: An Overview134–135 
Ecclesiastes or, the Preacher 
Ecclesiastes 1–2Ecclesiastes 1–2: “All Is Vanity”136 
Ecclesiastes 3Ecclesiastes 3: Make the Best of Life While You Can136 
Ecclesiastes 4–5Ecclesiastes 4–5: What Brings Happiness?136–37 
Ecclesiastes 6Ecclesiastes 6: All Is Still Vanity137 
Ecclesiastes 7–11Ecclesiastes 7–11: Finding Some Contentment in Life137 
Ecclesiastes 12Ecclesiastes 12: The Conclusion137 
The Song of Solomon138 
The Book of Isaiah 
Isaiah 1Isaiah 1: Isaiah Calls Israel to Repentence138–39 
Isaiah 2Isaiah 2: Come to the Mountain of the Lord139–40 
Isaiah 3Isaiah 3: Prophecies against the Proud140 
Isaiah 4Isaiah 4: Blessings for the Humble140 
Isaiah 5Isaiah 5: The Sins of Israel140–41 
Isaiah 6Isaiah 6: Isaiah Sees the Lord141 
Isaiah 7–8Isaiah 7–8: Trust the Lord141 
Isaiah 9Isaiah 9: A Prophecy about the Coming of the Messiah141 
Isaiah 10Isaiah 10: The Destroyers Shall Be Destroyed142 
Isaiah 11Isaiah 11: Events in the Future142 
Isaiah 12Isaiah 12: Praise the Lord142–43 
Isaiah 13–14Isaiah 13–14: Babylon and Lucifer143 
Isaiah 15–23Isaiah 15–23: Prophecies against Nations That Do Not Serve the Lord143–44 
Isaiah 24Isaiah 24: A Wicked World Destroyed144–45 
Isaiah 25Isaiah 25: Isaiah Praises the Lord145 
Isaiah 26Isaiah 26: Isaiah’s Song of Praise145 
Isaiah 27Isaiah 27: The Lord and His Vineyard145 
Isaiah 28Isaiah 28: Counsel for a Prideful People145 
Isaiah 29Isaiah 29: A Marvelous Work and a Wonder145–46 
Isaiah 30–32Isaiah 30–32: Trust in the Lord146–47 
Isaiah 33–34Isaiah 33–34: The Second Coming of Jesus Christ147 
Isaiah 35Isaiah 35: A Message of Hope147 
Isaiah 36–39Isaiah 36–39: The Story of King Hezekiah147 
Isaiah 40Isaiah 40: The Lord’s Power and Greatness147–48 
Isaiah 41–47Isaiah 41–47: Redeemer of Israel148–49 
Isaiah 48Isaiah 48: An Invitation to Come Back149 
Isaiah 49Isaiah 49: A Message to Scattered Israel150 
Isaiah 50Isaiah 50: Return to the Lord150–51 
Isaiah 51–52Isaiah 51–52: Awake! And Come unto Him151 
Isaiah 53Isaiah 53: Jesus Christ’s Suffering Fortold151–52 
Isaiah 54Isaiah 54: The Kind Husband152 
Isaiah 55Isaiah 55: An Invitation from the Lord152 
Isaiah 56Isaiah 56: The Lord Saves All Nations152 
Isaiah 57Isaiah 57: The Lord Has Power to Heal152 
Isaiah 58Isaiah 58: Fasting and the Sabbath153 
Isaiah 59Isaiah 59: Sins and Consequences153 
Isaiah 60Isaiah 60: Let Your Light Shine153 
Isaiah 61Isaiah 61: The Mission of the Lord and His Servants154 
Isaiah 62Isaiah 62: The Redemption of the House of Israel154 
Isaiah 63Isaiah 63: The Second Coming of Jesus Christ154 
Isaiah 64Isaiah 64: The Prayer of the Righteous154 
Isaiah 65Isaiah 65: The Millenium155 
Isaiah 66Isaiah 66: The Hope of Zion155 
The Book of Jeremiah 
Jeremiah 1Jeremiah 1: Jeremiah’s Call156 
Jeremiah 2–3Jeremiah 2–3: Judah’s Sins and Jeremiah’s Message156 
Jeremiah 4–6Jeremiah 4–6: “We Have No Need to Repent”156–57 
Jeremiah 7Jeremiah 7: Jeremiah’s Temple Sermon157 
Jeremiah 8Jeremiah 8: More Judgement against Judah157 
Jeremiah 9–10Jeremiah 9–10: Jeremiah Weeps and prays for Judah158 
Jeremiah 11–15Jeremiah 11–15: The Judgements of God158 
Jeremiah 16Jeremiah 16: Hope in the Latter Days158–59 
Jeremiah 17Jeremiah 17: The Sins of Judah159 
Jeremiah 18–19Jeremiah 18–19: Pottery and Judah159 
Jeremiah 20Jeremiah 20: Jeremiah’s Troubles159–60 
Jeremiah 21–22Jeremiah 21–22: Prophecies for Two Kings160 
Jeremiah 23Jeremiah 23: False Prophets160 
Jeremiah 24Jeremiah 24: Good and Bad Fruit161 
Jeremiah 25–26Jeremiah 25–26: Rejecting Prophets Leads to Captivity161 
Jeremiah 27–28Jeremiah 27–28: The Yoke of Babylon161 
Jeremiah 29Jeremiah 29: Jeremiah’s Letter to the Captives161–62 
Jeremiah 30Jeremiah 30: The Lord Promises Help162 
Jeremiah 31Jeremiah 31: The Gathering if Israel162–63 
Jeremiah 32Jeremiah 32: Jeremiah Buys Land163 
Jeremiah 33Jeremiah 33: Peace in Jerusalem163–64 
Jeremiah 34Jeremiah 34: Condemnation of Zedekiah and the Jews164 
Jeremiah 35Jeremiah 35: The Rechabites164 
Jeremiah 36Jeremiah 36: Baruch the Scribe164 
Jeremiah 37–44Jeremiah 37–44: Babylon Conquers Judah164–65 
Jeremiah 45Jeremiah 45: The Righteous Also Have Trials165 
Jeremiah 46–51Jeremiah 46–51: Destruction of Nations165 
Jeremiah 52Jeremiah 52: Jeremiah’s Last Writing165–66 
The Lamentations of Jeremiah 
Lamentations 1Lamentations 1: The Consequences of Sin166–67 
Lamentations 2–4Lamentations 2–4: Why Judah Was Punished167 
Lamentations 5Lamentations 5: Jeremiah’s Plea167 
The Book of Ezekiel 
Ezekiel 1Ezekiel 1: Ezekiel’s Vision of God’s Glory168 
Ezekiel 2–3Ezekiel 2–3: Ezekiel’s Call to Serve168–69 
Ezekiel 4–5Ezekiel 4–5: Prophecies of Jerusalem’s Destruction169 
Ezekiel 6–7Ezekiel 6–7: Sin and Destruction169 
Ezekiel 8–11Ezekiel 8–11: Why Jerusalem Was Conquered169 
Ezekiel 12–17Ezekiel 12–17: Why Captivity169–70 
Ezekiel 18Ezekiel 18: Responsibility for Sin170 
Ezekiel 19–20Ezekiel 19–20: Leaders Who Won’t Listen170–71 
Ezekiel 21–24Ezekiel 21–24: Wickedness Leads to Destruction171 
Ezekiel 25–32Ezekiel 25–32: The Punishment of Other Nations171 
Ezekiel 33Ezekiel 33: Watchment on the Tower171–72 
Ezekiel 34Ezekiel 34: The Shepherds of Israel172 
Ezekiel 35Ezekiel 35: Destruction of Edom173 
Ezekiel 36Ezekiel 36: A Message of Hope173 
Ezekiel 37Ezekiel 37: Two Visions of Restoration173 
Ezekiel 38–39Ezekiel 38–39: The Battle of Gog and Magog174 
Ezekiel 40–42Ezekiel 40–42: Ezekiel’s Vision of a Temple174 
Ezekiel 43–44Ezekiel 43–44: The Glory of God Fills the Temple174 
Ezekiel 45–46Ezekiel 45–46: More about the Temple174 
Ezekiel 47Ezekiel 47: The Healing Waters of the Temple174–75 
Ezekiel 48Ezekiel 48: Israel Gathers and the Lord Is with Them175 
The Book of Daniel 
Daniel 1Daniel 1: Faithful Young Israelites175–76 
Daniel 2Daniel 2: Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream176–77 
Daniel 3Daniel 3: Three Valient Young Men177 
Daniel 4–5Daniel 4–5: Two Prideful Kings177–78 
Daniel 6Daniel 6: Daniel in the Lion’s Den178 
Daniel 7–12Daniel 7–12: Daniel’s Prophetic Dreams and Visions178 
The Book of Hosea 
Hosea 1–3Hosea 1–3: A Marriage Covenant179–80 
Hosea 4–5Hosea 4–5: A Call to Return to the Lord180 
Hosea 6Hosea 6: God Desires Sincere Repentance180 
Hosea 7–10Hosea 7–10: Israel Reaps What She Planted180 
Hosea 11Hosea 11: Evidence of God’s Love180 
Hosea 12–14Hosea 12–14: A Call to Return to the Lord181 
The Book of Joel 
Joel 1Joel 1: Learn from a Locust Invasion181 
Joel 2Joel 2: Who Can Survive the Day?181–82 
Joel 3Joel 3: A Great Battle182 
The Book of Amos 
Amos 1–2Amos 1–2: Condemnation of Israel and Surrounding Nations183 
Amos 3Amos 3: The Role of Prophets183 
Amos 4Amos 4: “I Tried to Help You”183–84 
Amos 5Amos 5: Seek the Lord and Live184 
Amos 6Amos 6: Woe to Those at Ease184 
Amos 7–9Amos 7–9: Five Visions of Amos184 
The Book of Obadiah 
Obadiah 1Obadiah 1: Redeeming the Dead185 
The Book of Jonah 
Jonah 1–2Jonah 1–2: Can You Run from the Lord?185–86 
Jonah 3–4Jonah 3–4: Jonah at Nineveh186 
The Book of Micah 
Micah 1–2Micah 1–2: Both Israel and Judah to Fall186–87 
Micah 3Micah 3: Wicked Leaders Rebuked187 
Micah 4Micah 4: The Lord Will Reign in Zion187 
Micah 5Micah 5: The Coming of the Messiah187 
Micah 6–7Micah 6–7: Israel’s Sins and the Lord’s Mercy187–88 
The Book of Nahum188 
The Book of Habakkuk 
Habakkuk1–2Habakkuk 1–2: Questions and Answers188 
Habakkuk 3Habakkuk 3: Habakkuk’s Prayer188 
The Book of Zephaniah 
Zephaniah 1–2Zephaniah 1–2: Judgement Day189 
Zephaniah 3Zephaniah 3: Words of Encouragement189 
The Book of Haggai 
HaggaiHaggai 1: Finish the Temple190 
Haggai 2Haggai 2: Keep Building190 
The Book of Zechariah 
Zechariah 1–6Zechariah 1–6: Eight Visions of Zechariah191 
Zechariah 7–8Zechariah 7–8: Present and Future Jerusalem191 
Zechariah 9Zechariah 9: The Coming King191 
Zechariah 10Zechariah 10: Latter-day Promises191–92 
Zechariah 11–13Zechariah 11–13: The Jews and Their Savior192 
Zechariah 14Zechariah 14: The Second Coming of Jesus Christ192 
The Book of Malachi 
Malachi 1Malachi 1: Insincere Worship193 
Malachi 2Malachi 2: The Priests Called to Repentance193 
Malachi 3–4Malachi 3–4: The Lord’s Coming193–94