Chapter 10

Jacob and Esau

“Chapter 10: Jacob and Esau,” Old Testament Stories (1980), 42–44

Isaac and Rebekah

Isaac grew to be a man. He married Rebekah. They wanted to have a baby. They asked God to let them have a baby.

Rebekah holding babies

God answered their prayers. Rebekah had twin boys. The boys were named Esau and Jacob. Esau was born first.

Esau and Jacob

In those days the father gave the first son a blessing. It was called the birthright blessing. Esau should get this blessing when he grew up.


Esau liked to hunt. Jacob stayed at home.

Esau and Jacob

One day Esau came home very hungry. Jacob had made some pottage. (Pottage is like soup.)

Jacob speaking to Esau

Esau asked Jacob for some pottage. Jacob said he could have some. But Esau must give him something. He must let Jacob have the birthright blessing.

Esau eating

Esau was very hungry. He did not care about the blessing. He said Jacob could have it. Jacob gave him the pottage.

Isaac and Jacob

Isaac became old. He gave Jacob a blessing. It was the birthright blessing. Isaac said Jacob would be a great man. He would be the leader of Esau and many other people.

Esau grimacing

Esau was sad because he did not have the birthright blessing. Esau was angry at Jacob. He hated Jacob.