Chapter 26

King Saul

“Chapter 26: King Saul,” Old Testament Stories (1980), 105–8

Samuel judging people

Samuel was the judge and prophet of Israel. He went to every city to judge the people. When Samuel became old, he chose his sons to be judges. They were not good judges.

elders of Israel with Samuel

The elders of Israel came to Samuel. They said the people did not want judges. They wanted a king.

Samuel praying

Samuel prayed to God. God told him to do what the people wanted. God knew they wanted a king. They did not want God to lead them. God told Samuel to tell them the wicked things that a king would do.

Samuel talking to a crowd

Samuel obeyed God. He told the people God would let them have a king. But kings would take their fields and animals. They would take their children for servants. Someday they would not want a king.


One day God talked to Samuel. God said a young man would come the next day. This man would be the king.

Samuel greeting Saul

The next day a young man came to Samuel. He was a righteous Israelite. He was big and strong. His name was Saul.

Samuel annointing Saul

Samuel asked Saul to stay with him. Samuel anointed Saul with oil. Saul was to be the king of Israel.

people complaining

Samuel called all the Israelites together. He told them God had chosen Saul to be their king. But some of the people did not want Saul to be their king.

Saul leading Israelites in battle

One day some wicked men came to fight the Israelites. Saul called all the men of Israel to fight. He led them.

people gathering around King Saul

Saul was a great leader. The Israelites won the battle. Then all the people were glad Saul was their king. God blessed Saul. He was a king for many years. At first Saul was a good king.

Saul burning sacrifices

Then one day Saul was waiting for Samuel. Samuel was coming to burn sacrifices. Samuel was the only man who should burn sacrifices to God. But he was late. Saul did not wait for him. Saul burned the sacrifices. It was wrong for Saul to do that.

Samuel getting angry with Saul

At last Samuel came. He was angry at Saul. Saul had not obeyed God. Samuel told him God would choose another king. Saul was sad.