Chapter 4

Adam and His Family

“Chapter 4: Adam and His Family,” Old Testament Stories (1980), 19–21

Cain working field

Adam and Eve had many children. They had a son named Cain. He worked in the fields. He loved Satan more than he loved God.

Abel with sheep

Adam and Eve had another son, named Abel. Abel took care of the sheep. He obeyed God’s commandments.

Cain standing over Abel’s body

Cain was wicked. He was angry at God and Abel. One day Cain and Abel were in the fields. Satan told Cain to kill Abel. Then Cain killed his brother Abel.

Cain turning away

God knew Cain had killed Abel. He asked Cain where Abel was. Cain told a lie. He said he did not know.


God said he knew what Cain had done. Cain said Satan had told him to kill Abel. God said Cain would be punished for killing his brother.

Cain walking away

Cain could not be with God anymore. Cain and his wife went to live in another place. Some of Cain’s brothers went with them.

people laughing

Cain and his brothers had large families. They did not obey God’s commandments. They became very wicked.

Seth teaching children

Seth was one of Adam and Eve’s sons. Seth was a good man. He taught his children to love God. He taught them to read and write. They had the priesthood. The priesthood is the power of God.

wicked people

Many years passed. Many people lived on the earth. Satan told the people to do wicked things. Most of the people obeyed Satan. God was not happy with them.