Chapter 48

After the Old Testament

“Chapter 48: After the Old Testament,” Old Testament Stories (1980), 173–74

wicked Jews drinking wine

The Old Testament prophets died. Four hundred years went by. Most of the Jews did not obey God.

soldiers killing Jews

Armies from other lands captured the Jews. Wicked kings from other lands made them slaves. The kings killed thousands of them.

golden idols

The kings would not let the Jews make sacrifices to God. They took the things made of gold from the temple. The kings worshiped idols in the temple.

Romans destroying Jerusalem’s walls

The last army to capture the Jews was the Roman army. The Romans broke down the walls of Jerusalem. They captured the city. They sent a man named Herod to be the king of the Jews.

King Herod

Herod wanted the Jews to like him. So he made the temple beautiful again. He had thousands of men work on it. They put gold and silver back into the temple. When it was finished it was very beautiful. But the Jews still did not like Herod.


Herod was very wicked. He killed many people. He killed his wife and two sons. He tried to kill the baby Jesus.

Jews waiting for the Savior

The Jews did not want Herod to be their king. They did not want the Romans to be their leaders. The Jews were waiting for the Savior to come. They thought he would help them fight the Romans. They thought the Savior would be their king.