Chapter 5


“Chapter 5: Enoch,” Old Testament Stories (1980), 22–25


Enoch was a prophet. He was a righteous man. He was filled with the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost helped him.

couple standing on road

Most of the people on earth were wicked. They did not believe in God. God was angry with them.

God and Enoch

God talked to Enoch. God said he would bless Enoch. He would give Enoch power to teach the people. Enoch should tell the people to repent. They should obey God’s commandments.

Enoch preaching

Enoch taught in many places. He told the people they were wicked. They should repent. God would punish them if they did not repent. Enoch spoke with the power of God. The people were afraid.

Enoch teaching

Enoch said Jesus Christ would come to earth. He would suffer for the sins of the people. If they were righteous and were baptized, they could live in heaven again.

Enoch baptizing man

Some of the people repented and became righteous. God told Enoch to baptize them. God blessed the righteous people.

city of Zion

Enoch led the righteous people. Enoch built a city and named it Zion. The righteous people lived in Zion.

Enoch receiving vision

Enoch had a vision. God showed him all the people on earth. Enoch saw the people in his city go to heaven.

people drowning

The wicked people stayed on earth. God said he would send a flood to earth. The wicked people would die in the water. Only Noah and his family would be saved.

Jesus Christ on cross

Enoch saw everything that would happen on earth. He saw Jesus Christ die on the cross. Then he saw Jesus go up to heaven.

Jesus Christ

Enoch saw Jesus come back to earth in the last days. Then the wicked people suffered. The righteous people were blessed. Enoch saw all these things in his vision.


God came to the city of Zion many times. Then God took Enoch and all the people in Zion to heaven.