Old Testament Stories

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Chapter 1Before the Old Testament6–8
Chapter 2Jesus Makes the Earth9–14
Chapter 3Adam and Eve15–18
Chapter 4Adam and His Family19–21
Chapter 5Enoch22–25
Chapter 6Noah26–29
Chapter 7The Tower of Babel30–32
Chapter 8Abraham33–37
Chapter 9Abraham and the Sacrifice of Isaac38–41
Chapter 10Jacob and Esau42–44
Chapter 11Jacob and His Family45–49
Chapter 12Joseph50–53
Chapter 13Joseph in Egypt54–57
Chapter 14Joseph’s Brothers in Egypt58–60
Chapter 15The Baby Moses61–63
Chapter 16The Prophet Moses64–68
Chapter 17The Passover69–72
Chapter 18The Israelites in the Wilderness73–74
Chapter 19The Ten Commandments75–78
Chapter 20The Golden Calf79–82
Chapter 21The Tabernacle83–86
Chapter 22Forty Years in the Wilderness87–90
Chapter 23Joshua91–94
Chapter 24Ruth and Naomi95–98
Chapter 25Samuel99–104
Chapter 26King Saul105–8
Chapter 27Young David109–11
Chapter 28David and Goliath112–14
Chapter 29King David115–18
Chapter 30King Solomon119–21
Chapter 31The Temple122–24
Chapter 32The Divided Kingdom125–27
Chapter 33The Prophet Elijah128–31
Chapter 34Elijah and the Priests of Baal132–35
Chapter 35Elijah Talks with Jesus136–38
Chapter 36Elijah and Elisha139–40
Chapter 37The Prophet Elisha141–43
Chapter 38Jonah144–46
Chapter 39The Israelites Are Captured147–49
Chapter 40Daniel and His Friends150–51
Chapter 41Daniel and the King’s Dream152–53
Chapter 42Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego154–55
Chapter 43Daniel and the Lions’ Den156–57
Chapter 44Return to Jerusalem158–60
Chapter 45Esther161–64
Chapter 46Job165–69
Chapter 47The Prophets Tell about Jesus170–72
Chapter 48After the Old Testament173–74
  Words to Know175–83
  Old Testament World184
  Places to Know185
  People to Know186–87
  Old Testament Events188