Old Testament Student Manual Genesis-2 Samuel

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Title Pagei–ii 
Maps and Charts1–19 
IntroductionIntroduction: For Our Profit and Learning: The Value of Studying the Old Testament20–25 
Genesis 1–2Genesis 1–2: The Creation26–36 
Genesis 3Genesis 3: The Fall38–43 
Enrichment Section AEnrichment Section A: Who Is the God of the Old Testament44–48 
Genesis 4–11Genesis 4–11: The Patriarchs50–59 
Enrichment Section BEnrichment Section B: Covenants and Covenant Making60–63 
Genesis 12–17Genesis 12–17: Abraham—Father of the Faithful64–72 
Genesis 18–23Genesis 18–23:Abraham—A Model of Faith and Righteousness74–80 
Genesis 24–36Genesis 24–36: The Covenant Line Continues with Isaac and Jacob82–90 
Genesis 37–50Genesis 37–50: Joseph: The Power of Preparation92–101 
Exodus 1–10Exodus 1–10: “Let My People Go”102–108 
Enrichment Section CEnrichment Section C: Symbolism and Typology in the Old Testament110–15 
Exodus 11–19Exodus 11–19: The Passover and the Exodus116–24 
Exodus 20Exodus 20: The Ten Commandments126–35 
Exodus 21–24; 31–35Exodus 21–24; 31–35: The Mosaic Law: A Preparatory Gospel136–44 
Exodus 25–30; 35–40Exodus 25–30; 35–40: The House of the Lord in the Wilderness146–56 
Leviticus 1–10Leviticus 1–10: A Law of Performances and Ordinances, Part 1: Sacrifices and Offerings158–70 
Leviticus 11–18Leviticus 11–18: A Law of Performances and Ordinances, Part 2: The Clean and the Unclean172–78 
Enrichment Section DEnrichment Section D: Feasts and Festivals180–83 
Leviticus 19–27Leviticus 19–27: A Law of Performances and Ordinances, Part 3: Laws of Mercy and Righteousness184–191 
Enrichment Section EEnrichment Section E: The Problem of Large Numbers in the Old Testament192–195 
Numbers 1–12Numbers 1–12: Wilderness Wanderings, Part 1196–202 
Numbers 13–36Numbers 13–36: Wilderness Wanderings, Part 2204–212 
Deuteronomy 1–16Deuteronomy 1–16: An Exhortation to Obedience, Part 1214–222 
Deuteronomy 17–33Deuteronomy 17–33: An Exhortation to Obedience, Part 2224–33 
Joshua 1–24Joshua 1–24: The Entry into the Promised Land234–243 
Enrichment Section FEnrichment Section F: Idolatry: Ancient and Modern244–248 
Judges 1–12Judges 1–12: The Reign of the Judges, Part 1250–57 
Judges 13–21; Ruth 1–4Judges 13–21; Ruth 1–4: The Reign of the Judges, Part 2258–65 
1 Samuel 1–151 Samuel 1–15: The Prophet Samuel and Saul, King of Israel266–75 
1 Samuel 16–311 Samuel 16–31: King David’s Call to Lead Israel276–84 
2 Samuel 1–122 Samuel 1–12: The Fall of King David286–92 
2 Samuel 13–242 Samuel 13–24: The Price of Sin: Tragedy in the House of David294–300 
Enrichment Section GEnrichment Section G: Hebrew Literary Styles302–306 
The PsalmsThe Psalms: Songs from the Heart of Israel308–15