“Game,” Primary 2: Choose the Right A (1995), 264–65

preparing for Jesus game

Not Preparing for Jesus to Come

Preparing for Jesus to Come

preparing for Jesus game


Say your prayers

Put your toys away

Say something kind

Be willing to help others

Think of what Jesus would have you do

Tell the truth

Do what your parents tell you

Fight with your brothers and sisters

Be sorry when you do wrong

Don’t take what is not yours

Help without being asked

Pay your tithing

Return things that you borrow

Let others choose the game to play

Tell a lie

preparing for Jesus game

Share something

Go to church

Obey your parents

Be kind to animals

Give someone a hug

Say “thank you” for a kindness

Take a non-member to church

Help someone in the neighborhood

Be noisy during the prayer

Don’t quarrel with your brothers and sisters

Be reverent in church

Forgive someone who was unkind