Guidance of a Human Soul—The Teacher’s Greatest Responsibility

Teaching Seminary Preservice Readings Religion 370, 471, and 475, (2004), 100

I believe that discipline in the classroom, which implies self-control, and which connotes consideration for others, is the most important part of teaching. …

David McKay


Excerpt from Instructor, Sept. 1965, 341–43

The best lesson a child can learn is self-control, and to feel his relationship to others to the extent that he must have respect for their feelings. …

… Disorderly conduct should not be permitted in any class in the Church or in any class in public schools.

A disorderly environment, one in which disrespect is shown to the teacher and to fellow pupils, is one that will stifle the important qualities in character. …

… Any teacher can dismiss a boy; you should exhaust all your other sources before you come to that. But order we must have!—it is necessary for soul growth, and if one boy refuses, or if two boys refuse to produce that element, then they must leave. Better one boy starve than an entire class be slowly poisoned.