Teaching Seminary: Preservice Readings

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Title Pagei–ii 
Spiritual Communication1 
The Charted Course of the Church in Education1–7 
The One Pure Defense7–12 
“A Teacher Come from God”13–15 
A Challenging Time—a Wonderful Time15–19 
Circles of Exaltation19 
Eternal Investments20–23 
Men of Example23–26 
The Gospel Teacher and His Message26–29 
Equally Yoked Together30 
As You Counsel Young People30 
The Spirit Must Be Our Constant Companion31 
The Candle of the Lord32–34 
Teaching by the Spirit—“The Language of Inspiration”35–40 
The Power of the Word40–41 
Living by Gospel Principles41–42 
Finding Answers to Gospel Questions42–46 
That You May Instruct More Perfectly46 
False Teachings46 
The Foolishness of Teaching47 
How to Get Personal Revelation47–50 
Gospel Teaching51–52 
Reading the Scriptures53–54 
Helping Others to Be Spiritually Led55–57 
The Ordinary Classroom—a Powerful Place for Steady and Continued Growth58–60 
Education of Youth61 
Cleansing the Inner Vessel61–63 
Obtaining and Maintaining Scriptural and Doctrinal Integrity64–68 
The Great Plan of Happiness68–73 
Teach the Scriptures74–76 
We Must Raise Our Sights76–81 
Therefore, What?81–85 
“A Standard unto My People”85–87 
Things Too Wonderful for Me88–89 
Teaching by Faith90–92 
An Attitude: The Weightier Matters93 
By the Spirit of Truth93 
The Lord Will Multiply the Harvest93–98 
“According to His Desires”99 
Guidance of a Human Soul—The Teacher’s Greatest Responsibility100 
Self-Accountability and Human Progress100 
In the Spirit of Testimony101–2 
Beware of Pride102–5 
The Dangers of Priestcraft106–11 
Four Imperatives for Religious Educators112 
Our Consuming Mission112–14 
The Mantle Is Far, Far Greater Than the Intellect114–23 
The Bible, a Sealed Book123–32 
Unity—a Principle of Strength132 
The Ideal Teacher137–41