11 The Functions of the Holy Ghost

Teaching The Gospel A CES Resource for Teaching Improvement, (2000), 41

Principle to Emphasize

There are a number of functions of the Holy Ghost that are “directly related to gospel teaching and learning” (Teaching the Gospel: A Handbook, 12).

Suggested Training Activities (50 minutes)

Scripture Activity

Read 1 Corinthians 2:1–5 together. Ask teachers:

  1. How did Paul describe his preaching to the Corinthians?

  2. According to verses 4–5, why did Paul feel that it was more important to preach by the Spirit than “with enticing words of man’s wisdom”?

Group Work

Distribute handout 11. Have teachers separate into groups of three or four. Divide the scripture reading between the groups, and have them follow the instructions on the handout. Invite them to share with the in-service group their response to the question on the handout.


Show presentation 13, “‘A Man without Eloquence’” (5:50). In this presentation, President Brigham Young shares the story of his conversion, emphasizing that it is the Holy Ghost that “convinces man.” Have teachers look for evidence of the functions of the Holy Ghost and the answer to Brigham Young’s question: “What is it that convinces man?”

Following the video, discuss the following questions:

  1. What is it that convinces man?

  2. How could Eleazer Miller’s example help the confidence of lessexperienced teachers?

  3. What evidence of the functions of the Holy Ghost did you find in this presentation?

  4. How are functions of the Holy Ghost manifested in CES classes?