Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Brigham Young

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 Historical Summaryvii
Chapter 1The Ministry of Brigham Youngviii–13
Chapter 2The Gospel Defined14–20
Chapter 3Living the Gospel21–27
Chapter 4Knowing and Honoring the Godhead28–35
Chapter 5Accepting the Atonement of Jesus Christ36–40
Chapter 6The Communication between God and Man41–47
Chapter 7The Plan of Salvation48–53
Chapter 8Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ54–59
Chapter 9Repentance and Baptism60–65
Chapter 10The Influence of the Holy Ghost66–69
Chapter 11Choosing to Walk in Obedience70–77
Chapter 12Preventing Personal Apostasy78–84
Chapter 13Preparing for Eternal Progression85–91
Chapter 14Dispensations of the Gospel92–99
Chapter 15The Settlement in the West100–109
Chapter 16Building Zion110–17
Chapter 17The Scriptures118–24
Chapter 18The Priesthood125–30
Chapter 19The Relief Society and Individual Responsibility131–36
Chapter 20Church Organization and Government137–43
Chapter 21Honoring the Sabbath and the Sacrament144–53
Chapter 22Tithing and Consecration154–62
Chapter 23Understanding the New and Everlasting Covenant of Marriage163–69
Chapter 24Teaching the Family170–76
Chapter 25Cultivating Gratitude, Humility, and Honesty177–82
Chapter 26Happiness and Social Enjoyment183–91
Chapter 27Learning by Study and by Faith192–201
Chapter 28Exercising Self-Control202–209
Chapter 29Living the Word of Wisdom210–15
Chapter 30Developing Christlike Attitudes toward Others216–24
Chapter 31Thrift, Industry, and Self-Reliance225–33
Chapter 32Temporal Wealth and the Kingdom of God234–41
Chapter 33Missionary Work242–50
Chapter 34Strengthening the Saints through the Gifts of the Spirit251–59
Chapter 35The Blessings of Trials, Chastening, and Persecution260–66
Chapter 36Earthly Governments and the Kingdom of God267–71
Chapter 37Understanding Death and Resurrection272–78
Chapter 38The Spirit World279–84
Chapter 39Eternal Judgment285–90
Chapter 40Salvation through Jesus Christ291–97
Chapter 41Temple Ordinances298–305
Chapter 42Temple Service306–13
Chapter 43Our Search for Truth and Personal Testimony314–22
Chapter 44The Kingdom of God and the Gathering of Israel323–29
Chapter 45The Last Days330–35
Chapter 46Parental Responsibility336–42
Chapter 47President Brigham Young’s Witness of the Prophet Joseph Smith343–51
Chapter 48A Call for Unity, a Testimony, and a Blessing352–59
 Works Cited and Abbreviations Used360–61